Woodford Files — Scandals Plague Western Medicine

March is a cruel month in the northern hemisphere. While the promise of spring dangles just out of reach, we brace ourselves against icy winds as we trudge through the last bleak weeks of late winter. To add some spice to this changing of the seasons, and fuel the inner fire, we bring you a sizzling food feature this month: “African Spices Come to Life in Tunisian Cuisine.” In it, Habeeb Salloum whisks us away to a republic in north Africa, where we wander ancient alleyways tasting local street food, and sit down to lunch with friends who offer a homecooked meal.

The recipes that Habeeb brought back from Tunisia are surprisingly simple; I even dared to try the ‘Fried Vegetables with Eggs’ on my old stovetop, which turned out pretty well except for the rubber eggs (a miscalculation on the cooking time). So if you’re craving a little culinary adventure, have fun test driving the ‘Chickpea Stuffed Peppers’ or ‘Spinach and Bean Pie’ recipes. While you’re at it, prop a copy of this month’s Vitality on the counter so that our cover shot of a Moroccan spice market will inspire your creations.

In other news, two of our top writers put the spotlight on western medicine this month, bringing into sharp focus the havoc being wreaked on public health and our economy. Firstly, medical science writer Helke Ferrie (also a raging great-granny), describes the “piracy” that’s occurring as government healthcare budgets are plundered to pay for expensive drugs which have been known to maim or kill those who take them as prescribed. She also looks at the formerly hidden data behind statin drugs, which have become highly profitable in spite of being proven as worthless by the Framingham Heart Study (the largest ever study which showed that cholesterol is not the cause of heart attacks, and statin drugs do more harm than good). She urges us not to be influenced by the fear mongering that Big Pharma’s dealers and marketers put out, but instead step back and consider our healthcare options carefully – especially in regards to what the most effective alternatives to drugs might be.

(I personally have witnessed fear mongering by a conventional doctor who told a friend of mine point blank that she’d be dead in a year if she didn’t take the chemotherapy as prescribed for her cancer. My friend was too terrified to refuse, so she took the chemotherapy, and died anyway.)

Dr. Zoltan Rona has written a fascinating 4,000 word treatise this month on the many scandals that now plague conventional medicine, including: toxic and ineffective vaccines (how the flu shot is actually causing the flu); ADHD drugs (are causing childhood depression, convulsions, hallucinations, strokes); and antidepressant drugs (now linked to violent behaviour, suicides, and gun violence in schools). Yikes! And yet, in spite of all these horrific side effects, our federal health regulators continue to protect these drugs while pulling natural health products off the shelves. Who put these guys in charge?

Julia Woodford, Editor ~ Vitality Magazine