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Tag: Pat Crocker

The Vegan Cook’s Bible

The Vegan Cook’s Bible

1:14 pm Feb 3, 2011

Veganism is a term that was introduced to society in the mid-1940s, and originally meant non-dairy vegetarians. In later years, the term grew to describe those who took a stand against the exploitation of animals for diet, entertainment or any... Read more »

Coconuts are a versatile, delicious and incredibly healthy tropical treat


The coconut has been sharing its gifts of fibre, wood, meat and life-giving water with us from a time as old as the islands themselves. As far back as 4,000 years ago, Ayurvedic medicine was using the oils from Cocos nucifera, the ‘tree of life’.... Read more »

Sage: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive and memory aid, or as a tea to soothe a sore throat


Autumn rhythms bring us back into order, back into shoes, and back into the kitchen. Now is the time for hearty, bone-warming dishes and hardy herbs to season them. But wait. Fall is also the season when time is scarce and energy is diverted to... Read more »

This herbs basket includes refreshing lemon basil & lemon balm, flavours to add zing to spring meals

Lemony Herbs Add Zest and Zing to Spring Meals

I often think of lemon in springtime. Lemony yellow is the colour infused into pale green spring buds and young tender leaves springing to life. It’s the colour of the sun making its climb from the spring equinox towards its highest perch at the... Read more »

Sweet Solutions – Healthy Alternative Sweeteners for the Festive Season

Are you hosting a holiday party for guests who are diabetic or counting calories? Are you following a Ketogenic Diet (low carb / moderate protein / high fat), or eating to prevent cancer and other diseases? Or are you simply cutting carbs in an... Read more »