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Tag: New Age Views

Parenting and Spirituality

04:28 pm December 1, 2010

One of the highest goals we can pursue in this lifetime is to discover our true natures so fully that we never forget. The one mystical experience that is most helpful in achieving this transformation is a spiritual breakthrough traditionally... Read more »

How to Live in the NOW ~ The Value of Questioning Your Beliefs

04:54 pm July 1, 2010

Twenty-four years ago I experienced what people told me was ‘enlightenment.' I didn’t know what that was. If I have to call it anything, I call it waking up from what isn’t to what is reality. For ten years I had been depressed, enraged,... Read more »

The BioGenesis tools function by refocusing the energy in your body to create harmony and balance

BioGenesis: Spiritual Tools for Healing

04:37 pm June 1, 2010

In my 20-year Spiritual Healing practice, I had never seen such torment in a client. Yet working in combination with the BioGenesis Tools, this riveting pain was released in a matter of minutes.

The BioGenesis tools function by refocusing the... Read more »

The Five Agreements That Help Me to Change the World

03:30 pm April 1, 2010

I invite you to participate in a new dream for humanity, one in which all of us can live in harmony, truth and love. In this dream, people of all religions and philosophies are not just welcome, but respected. It doesn’t matter whether you... Read more »

The Reconnection: The Next Level of Healing

03:27 pm May 1, 2010

A new science is emerging that is changing our traditional understanding of health and healing. The latest scientific research is focusing on experiments, which are quantifying the effects of energy, light and information on human beings.

Leading... Read more »

Intentions Do Heal

01:43 pm March 1, 2010

Your intentions play a vital role in your healing process, as a positive attitude promotes healing. This knowledge is undeniable and instinctive. Medical communities in cultures all around the world have known for thousands of years that a... Read more »

The Relaxation Response

04:54 pm February 1, 2010

Most of us don’t realize there is a limit to what our bodies can handle. We are constantly pushing to do more and be more. But this isn’t how things always were. Pre-Industrial Revolution, life’s demands remained almost static for centuries. Then... Read more »

Rainbow Bridges: Healers, Shamans and Curanderas

03:42 pm November 1, 2009

“The curandera shamana washed her hands under clear running water after her last client had left. The sun was low in the sky for the day was done. Since dawn, many had come seeking healings and blessings. At this point in her life, the healings... Read more »


02:27 pm November 1, 2010

We all want to lead productive lives filled with good friends, meaningful work, great health and abundance. Why is it that so many of us fail to reach our goals? I see the full range of human suffering in my private practice as a spiritual... Read more »

The Soul Contract Intuitive

03:44 pm February 1, 2011

Have you ever wondered why certain people or pets are in your life? For instance, what purpose does your father play in your life? What is your pet here to show you? I have investigated psychic mediums across the globe since 1999, but have never... Read more »

Get Going!

03:53 pm February 1, 2011

“If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavour to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” - Henry David Thoreau

What is it that causes us to give up before we’ve... Read more »

Your Intuition Style

01:25 pm July 1, 2009

There are many different types of intuition: everyday intuition, such as the “phone psychic” who knows who it is before answering; and the “parking space diviner” who can always find that primo spot. Then there’s profound intuition, such as... Read more »

A New Way of Looking at Life

05:03 pm June 1, 2009

Having unwanted stuff in your life is a wonderful thing because if you’re willing to look at it for a second or two it will tell you plainly what you do want.

How do you look at the unwanted stuff in your life? The unsatisfying relationship, the... Read more »

The New Frequencies of Healing

03:39 pm May 1, 2009

These frequencies appear to work on all levels, physiological and psychological, affecting our cells and DNA to bring about healings both physical and mental.

Have you noticed how much we, and the world around us, have been changing? Every year... Read more »

The Coming Global Shift

03:37 pm March 1, 2009

We are in the midst a grand awakening. A Shift is occurring. Together we are becoming a unified consciousness within a global community. The duality of black and white, East and West, right and wrong, us and them, good and bad, male and female,... Read more »

Top Ten Ways To Get the Relationship You Always Wanted

03:26 pm February 1, 2009

Statistics show that we have done a poor job of nurturing healthy relationships with our partners. According to John Gottman, the chance of a first marriage ending in divorce in the United States over a forty-year period is 67%. Divorce rates are... Read more »

Mindfulness Meditation

04:56 pm December 1, 2008

What do you do when you’re stressed out? Do you hang out with friends or indulge a craving? Do you bottle it in and continue with your day? What can you do if none of these outlets work? An alternative, yet effective, way to reduce stress is... Read more »

Blending Science with Spirituality

03:08 pm March 1, 2011

Preservation of life is the responsibility of all human beings. The earth is a celestial body that generates the ecosystem needed to nourish all of its life forms. Life is not only a physical thing per se, but also a series of subtle energies... Read more »

Moonstone and Menopause

11:43 am November 1, 2010

As a Master Healer, my experience has shown that Moonstone has a positive effect on just about every symptom related to menopause. It has long been recognized and honoured as a healing crystal that truly resonates with the female energy, and... Read more »

HYPNOTHERAPY: A Powerful Tool to De-Hypnotize Yourself

01:02 pm May 1, 2011

Most people visit a hypnotherapist looking to be hypnotized in order to make changes in their lives. They want to convince themselves that they no longer crave nicotine, or they no longer desire “junk food,” or they want to gain confidence, overcome... Read more »

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