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Tag: Gmo Foods

Industry Pushes GMOs While Consumers Just Say No

04:42 pm July 1, 2006

The root of the word “religion” is the Latin religiere, meaning “careful consideration.” Since humans are thoughtful as well as greedy, this overview of biotechnology and organics is complex, because good thinking sometimes sabotages biotech, and... Read more »

Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser

Earthwatch – Genetically Modified Death

01:50 pm March 1, 2006


Genetically modified organisms are nothing new. The controversy over the unproven long-term safety of these money-making, trademarked plants has never wavered, nor has the support for GMOs by the... Read more »

Seeds of Change - A Review

01:56 pm March 1, 2006

“We have to start to make technology work for us, rather than us working for technology,” says Doug Proven, a Saskatchewan farmer.

The technology Proven speaks of is genetically modified seed technology. And his concern is how farmers are getting... Read more »


03:19 pm May 1, 2004

“Necessity is the excuse of every tyranny,” observed the 18th century British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger, when he failed to persuade Mad King George to ease up on the economic repression of the American colonies, so they successfully... Read more »

Author Jeffrey M. Smith is executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology

Dramatic Health Recoveries Reported

12:22 pm July 1, 2012

Are genetically modified (GM) foods making you sick – I mean really sick? Up until recently, all that we could say was thank goodness you’re not a lab rat; GM feed messes them up big time. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) appear to trigger the... Read more »

Woodford Files: How Mindfulness Can Help You Live Longer – And Better

Woodford Files: How Mindfulness Can Help You Live Longer – And Better

12:45 pm Dec 7, 2015

What a wild and exciting year it’s been for us here at Vitality, a year filled with great writing, new readers, and loyal advertisers. At the recent Whole Life Expo ( we were touched by the waves of affection that washed over... Read more »