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Pregnancy & Labour

Acupuncture for Pre-Birth Care

03:19 pm February 1, 2011 • Carly Wendler, BASc, ND

As your journey towards giving birth approaches, you are undoubtedly making all of the preparations necessary to gently and safely welcome your baby into the world. You’ve carefully considered and chosen a birth attendant, selected a place to birth... Read more »

Cleansing is crucial for health overall, and particularly for pre-conception and a healthy pregnancy

Detoxify for a Healthy Pregnancy and a Happy Baby

From the Archives - March 2010
01:15 pm March 1, 2010 • by Rahim Habib, BSc, ND

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Healthy Expectations—Part Two: Fit and Tranquil Trimesters

From the Archives - November 2009
01:45 pm November 1, 2009 • by Susannah Kent

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Childbirth and child-rearing require lots of energy and stamina

Healthy Expectations—Part One: Pregnancy Nutrition

From the Archives - October 2009
01:02 pm October 1, 2009 • by Susannah Kent

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Preventing Miscarriages with Chinese Medicine

From the Archives - September 2007
03:46 pm September 1, 2007 • by Jasmine Sufi HBSc, BHSc, D.Ac

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Red Raspberry

From the Archives - June 2007
03:29 pm June 1, 2007 • by Michael Vertolli, RH

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Acupuncture for Pregnancy & Labour

From the Archives - February 2007
05:00 pm February 1, 2007 • by Christopher Michael Di Tecco R.Ac, R.TCMP

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