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Herbal Medicine & Pets

CCL is far less in intact animals than in sterilized pets. Postpone spaying until your pet is 2 yrs


02:02 pm February 21, 2014 • Dr. Sasan Haghighat (Hyatt) DVM, CVA

The knee is a fairly complicated joint; it consists of the femur bone above the kneecap, the tibia bone below it in front, and the bean-like flabella found behind chunks of cartilage. Called the medial and lateral menisci, they fit between the femur... Read more »

Soothe Summertime Stress for Your Pet

From the Archives - June 2013
12:13 pm July 1, 2013 • by Sue Becker BFRP, BFRAP, CTTP

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Sue Becker and Hoss the cat (Photo by Jennifer Osborn)

Nature’s Medicine for Healthy Pets

From the Archives - September 2012
03:06 pm September 1, 2012 • by Sue Becker BFRP, BFRAP, CTTP

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Parsley, when used in combination with nettle, can dissolve uric acid crystals.

Natural Nutrition for Kitty

From the Archives - February 2012
04:01 pm February 1, 2012 • by Pat Young

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