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Shaman Of My Own Life

01:08 pm November 5, 2014 • Jane Large

I am learning to dream a new dream. I am remembering, realizing the truth at the centre of my being. And for the first time, I am taking full responsibility for my life and my choices as my own guru, my own guide. I am the Shaman of my own life.

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Sounding by Norval Morrisseau and Ritchie Sinclair (1979, 36

Igniting the Spirit Within

From the Archives - December 2012
03:10 pm December 1, 2012 • by Ritchie ‘Stardreamer’ Sinclair

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Rainbow Bridges: Healers, Shamans and Curanderas

From the Archives - November 2009
03:42 pm November 1, 2009 • by Wendy Luckey

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A Shaman’s Work: Becoming Your Own Wounded Healer

From the Archives - October 2009
03:33 pm October 1, 2009 • by Sonya Weir

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Women’s Moon Lodge Circles

From the Archives - March 2008
12:33 pm March 1, 2008 • by Tamare White-Wolf

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The Sacred Marriage from Within

From the Archives - March 2005
05:09 pm March 1, 2005 • by Desire Gaisheda Keeawok

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