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It is quite possible to treat sinus infections quickly and effectively with Chinese herbal formulas

Autumn is Lung Season

12:22 pm October 5, 2016 • Adina Stanescu, R.TCMP

As the humid days of summer give way to the brittle, dry air of fall, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners begin to turn their attention to the lungs and their associated functions. Fall is the season of the lungs, presenting both a... Read more »


From the Archives - June 2016
12:40 pm July 4, 2016 • by Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD, M.Sc.

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Calendula Officinalis is an herb available in ointment form, suitable for treating wounds

Herbal Essentials for Outdoor Living

From the Archives - June 2016
03:28 pm June 6, 2016 • by Michael Vertolli, RH

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Among its many benefits, Chickweed is used to treat eczema


From the Archives - April 2016
07:31 pm May 3, 2016 • by Bruce Burnett

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Converting vegetables to juice liberates key nutrients and enzymes from the tough plant cell walls

Liquid Gold – Nutrient-rich Smoothies, Juices, and Elixirs

From the Archives - March 2016
01:18 pm March 30, 2016 • by Naty Howard

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Many herbs have antiviral properties (shown here: sage, oregano, curcumin, and cinnamon bark)

Boost Your Immunity to the Coming Plagues

From the Archives - December 2015
12:05 pm March 1, 2016 • by Michael Vertolli, RH

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Chinese Medicine offers excellent treatment for cold sores, Lichen Planus, cankers, and more.

Chinese Herbs for Mouth and Lip Sores

From the Archives - December 2015
04:40 pm January 28, 2016 • by Adina Stanescu, R.TCMP

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Test results suggest wild blueberries can strengthen the memory and concentration of schoolchildren

News Briefs – January 2016

From the Archives - November 2015
04:05 pm November 25, 2015 • by Michael Downey

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Almost 90% of the population suffer mild to moderate degree of hypothyroidism; approx 90% are women

Nourishing the Thyroid

From the Archives - September 2015
05:08 pm November 2, 2015 • by Richard DeSylva, RH DNM

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Volatile oils in oregano can inhibit the bacteria growth & prevent oxidative damage to cells/tissues

Warming Herbs and Spices for Fall

From the Archives - September 2015
02:59 pm September 25, 2015 • by Marni Wasserman

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20+ different bioactive compounds are found in chaga mushrooms, some with activity against cancer

Chaga Mushroom and Cancer

From the Archives - August 2015
01:45 pm September 1, 2015 • by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D

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Lavender is an aromatic herb that has a mild tonic influence on the female reproductive system

Uterine Fibroids and PCOS

From the Archives - May 2015
02:40 pm May 29, 2015 • by Michael Vertolli, RH

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Bitter herbs taken in the spring support the liver cleansing process

The Benefits of Bitters

From the Archives - April 2015
03:45 pm April 29, 2015 • by Michael Vertolli, RH

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