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Alternative Cancer Therapy

Boosting oxygen utilization enhances degenerative disease treatment

Disease-Fighting and Anti-aging Power of Ozone Therapy

01:27 pm March 2, 2016 • Dr. Paul Jaconello, MD

During my 30-year practice as a medical doctor, I have grown increasingly concerned about the rising rate of chronic illness in our society. Its impact on our overburdened health care system will only increase over time. From an aging population... Read more »

The evidence suggests that vitamin C improves cancer survival times and quality of life

Vitamin C for Cancer Treatment

From the Archives - January 2014
01:11 pm February 7, 2014 • by Dr. Paul Hrkal ND

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Dr. Gonzalez used nutritional therapy to treat advanced cancer patients.

Digestive Enzymes and the Treatment of Cancer

From the Archives - February 2012
12:20 pm February 1, 2012 • by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD (1947 – 2015)

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Healing Cancer with Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine

From the Archives - August 2011
10:40 pm September 1, 2011 • by Connie Strasheim

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Red clover assists the body in removing waste products and toxins from fluids and tissues

Red Clover

From the Archives - June 2011
02:25 pm June 1, 2011 • by Michael Vertolli, RH

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The role of curcumin in cancer prevention is largely due to its antioxidant actions


From the Archives - March 2011
04:52 pm March 1, 2011 • by Lesley D’Souza, ND

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From the Archives - November 2010
02:42 pm November 1, 2010 • by Helke Ferrie

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Beating the Odds

From the Archives - December 2008
02:21 pm December 1, 2008 • by Dr. Aileen Burford-Mason, PhD

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