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Strengthening foods for kidney/bladder include miso soup, seaweed, burdock, and soba noodles

Asian Wisdom for Healing in the Darkest Season

02:43 pm December 2, 2016 • Malca Narrol

“The four seasons were created for human beings to have the opportunity to capture the rapture of nature” – Dr. Raymond Hill Cameron

In nature, winter appears to be a time of lifelessness and lack of growth, while in reality, invisible energy is... Read more »

The Chinese have had a powerful tonic at work for them for thousands of years

Telomeres & Longevity

From the Archives - October 2016
04:56 pm November 10, 2016 • by David Lloyd

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Integrating all the TCM holistic techniques will achieve the holistic results needed

TCM Approach To Prevent and Treat Cancer

From the Archives - October 2016
02:21 pm November 8, 2016 • by Tom Fung, R.Ac., R.TCMP

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Calcarea Carbonica is a homeopathic remedy for obesity, low energy, and cravings for salt and sugar

Homeopathy and Nutrition – A Potent Combination for Weight Loss

From the Archives - October 2016
01:04 pm October 11, 2016 • by Heather Caruso

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It is quite possible to treat sinus infections quickly and effectively with Chinese herbal formulas

Autumn is Lung Season

From the Archives - October 2016
12:22 pm October 5, 2016 • by Adina Stanescu, R.TCMP

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Chinese medicine aims to shrink fibroids and relieve symptoms with herbs, acupuncture, tuina massage

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Uterine Fibroids

From the Archives - August 2016
12:28 pm September 2, 2016 • by Yuxiang Wang

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Goldenseal is excellent for treating diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and diverticulitis

Goldenseal Herb Clears Inflammation and Infection

From the Archives - August 2016
12:37 pm August 30, 2016 • by Michael Vertolli, RH

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If you’re searching to move your life forward, homeopathy may hold the answer

Homeopathic Medicine to Get Your Mojo Back

From the Archives - August 2016
12:14 pm August 26, 2016 • by Tamara Der-Ohanian, Registered Homeopath

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Among its many benefits, Chickweed is used to treat eczema


From the Archives - April 2016
07:31 pm May 3, 2016 • by Bruce Burnett

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Treatment is internal, as all skin disease can only be successfully treated from the inside out

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Skin Conditions

From the Archives - March 2016
01:48 pm March 31, 2016 • by Adina Stanescu, R.TCMP

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