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Dear Miki

I had a very rough year in 2016 and it seems as though everything that could go wrong did go wrong, just not all on the same day. First I lost my job of 5 years which didn’t destroy me and I actually appreciated the break, but things got tough when 7 months later I was still unemployed and my boyfriend decided to leave because he didn’t consider me a full contributor anymore. There were lots of other things too small and too Many to list, but my greater concern is I am sad a lot and can’t seem to get past it but other days I am great. Do you see this dark stage of my life ending soon and me getting my life together again?

A little Lost

When I look at this time in your life I see what I call the wipeout year. Believe it or not everyone has one, where after a long period of everything coasting and being ok a tidal wave hits in at least 60 percent of your life and sometimes more . Take a deep breath and know that this is now ending and by mid-April you will see forward movement that takes you slowly back up to the top of the ladder in your life. Expect new job offers by May as well. The bigger concern is your emotional well-being and you’re fluctuating with feeling very sad. It’s sort of a mild depression but nothing that can’t be healed with a trip to a trusted naturopath to get your energy levels boosted. Combine that with a new job and you will have a great summer.

Dear Miki

I was in a very bad relationship for 2 years. Like with all new things it started out great but started to go downhill really fast at the end of the first year. The pressure and emotional abuse actually caused me to have anxiety attacks and I would have left sooner but I didn’t have any money or anywhere to go. I finally got up the courage to go to a shelter because it was either get out or stay stuck forever. Now I am in my own apartment and working full time, the panic attacks are over but lingering anxiety is still in the background. Do you see improved finances this year and maybe happiness too?


I sense that you are on the right track and there is no turning back. Congratulations, you have your life back! Happiness is already with you and will continue to grow stronger through the summer with new friends and a great social life. I don’t see you switching jobs right now but that may change in November with an offer of a better position in a new company. As for the anxiety that’s still lurking in the background, try seeing a Breath Work practitioner and some Cranial Sacral therapy sessions, and that should help you pull that old stuff out of the shadows and out of your life.

Daily Affirmation: Life is about balance and harmony, be sure to remember to treat yourself to some every day.

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