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Woodford Files: We make it easy for you to get all the best health news – in print or digital form

by Julia Woodford RSS

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In these times of fake news and frilly advertorials, it’s a pleasure to be working for a company that sticks to its standards. With its love of integrity, Vitality consistently proves its reputation as the best health magazine in Canada (and yes, we are tooting our own horns).

Case in point: In this issue (March 2017) we carry an impressive article by Dr. Zoltan Rona, entitled “How to Survive Western Medicine.” It is so encyclopedic in its summary of the latest research on nutrients to repair the damage caused by prescription drugs, that you will want to cut it out and tape it to your medicine cabinet. What elevates this article to the top of the class is the extensive list of references included at the end which backs up every point made by Rona. Not only that, but if you have a free subscription to Vitality’s digital magazine, you’ll find that the entire reference list has been turned into live links to the original studies. This makes it easy for readers to stay informed with trustworthy reports that can be used right away to improve wellness and enhance self-care.

Likewise, our regular News Briefs section brings the latest research from around the world. In it, Michael Downey delivers breaking news, with a link to each research study included. And if a reader wishes to dispute or question any of the Briefs, they can email (In this issue you will find the latest letters from readers starting on page 62.)

Another of our writers who delivers high- quality journalism every time is Helke Ferrie, a raging great-granny dedicated to exposing fraud and deceit wherever she finds it. In this issue, she offers an ode to Dr. Krop, a man so devoted to healing his patients that he defied all who would stand in his way. Unfortunately, this put Krop at odds with the powers behind conventional medicine, an empire built upon symptom control. Krop parted ways with conventional medicine in the mid-1980s when he altered the direction of his medical practice to focus directly on the causes of disease, identifying them and removing them to cure his patients at the deepest level, rather than just suppressing their symptoms. And even though the resulting disease recovery amongst his patients was spectacular, Krop paid a high price for going against the status quo. He became a target of the most powerful institution in Ontario’s medical system. But lucky for us, he survived to tell the tale, and you can read all about it in this issue.

Meantime, the demand for Vitality’s print magazine continues to grow, so we now offer it free of charge in more than 590 outlets. And if you want a free subscription to Vitality’s digital version, send your request to:

We're now accepting financial contributions: There are many challenges that publishers face every day, including paying the printer, attracting and retaining good staff, paying writers what they're worth, and lots more. If you wish to make a contribution to the survival of independent journalism, we are happy to accept. If you do contribute, your name will be published in our next issue as a "Vitality Supporter", along with any comments that you wish to make about the magazine, alternative medicine, or your recovery from illness. Cheques can be made payable to Vitality Magazine, and mailed to our office at 356 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario  M5R 1V9. Or if you wish to include Vitality as a beneficiary in your Will, we would be honoured.  If you have any comments, please send to:

Julia Woodford, Editor

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