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Articles by Richard DeSylva, RH DNM

Almost 90% of the population suffer mild to moderate degree of hypothyroidism; approx 90% are women

Nourishing the Thyroid

05:08 pm November 2, 2015

The thyroid is considered by many to be the body’s major powerhouse gland. In this article, we will explore the nature of, and need for, specific nourishment regarding the thyroid. Keeping it healthy is key to its ability to perform its various and... Read more »

This is the beauty and complexity of herbs as restorative agents and specialized foods for the body


01:50 pm November 18, 2013

Many years ago, when I was first introduced to the art and science of herbal medicine, my mentor was an old style naturopathic doctor and medical herbalist by the name of Albert J. Thut, ND,  MNAMH. Walking into Dr. Thut’s house in Guelph, Ontario,... Read more »

Juniper berries (pictured) and other specific herbs will work wonders on a sluggish digestive tract

Herbs to Stoke Your Digestive Fire

02:00 pm November 1, 2012

“As Falls Witchita…” (with apologies to Pat Metheny.)

The coming of fall has always been somewhat of a difficult if not wistful letting go of the carefree and lazy days of summer. For months we have had occasion to indulge in weekends of dietary... Read more »

Wormwood is one component of an herbal formula designed to treat a broad range of parasites.

Banish Parasites

04:00 pm November 1, 2011

Mention the word "parasites" and most people have visions of tropical villages or holiday resorts where they have caught "Montezuma's revenge" or had other intestinal problems. Tourists think that these parasites are left behind once they get on the... Read more »

Elecampane root is very powerful in its capacity to deal with a variety of disease-causing organisms

Banish Colds and Flu with a Preventive Diet and Nature’s Green Pharmacy

02:02 pm November 1, 2010

Just the other day, I had occasion to go to the auto shop to pick up my newly-winterized car. While trying to explain all of the repairs that had been undertaken, my mechanic could not complete his description without breaking into spasms of... Read more »

A greater reliance on vegetables will shift the pH of the blood more towards the ideal

Natural Medicine to Heal Arthritis

03:25 pm November 1, 2009

Not too long ago, if you mentioned arthritis to anyone they would think of an older person, possibly stooped, slow of gait, with hands gnarled and bent with age. To be sure, that may describe some, but today’s more common arthritic type can be... Read more »