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Sun Sign Predictions – May 2017

by Julie Simmons RSS Print

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MAR 20. to APR 20Back to Top

You’re ready to move ahead from May 3rd. Do you know where you are going? Listen to the bass line beat, under the melody, through May 9th to get a sense. Make sure you are getting value for money or effort on the 10th. Weed your mind garden for pie-in-the-sky schemes on the 11th. It should be easy and will help clear the path. Exciting exchanges of ideas with others between the 12th – 20th encourage you to do it your way. Even if they don’t agree with you, the interaction should help you focus. Restrictions on May 25th are simply because the time is not yet right. Be patient, even for a day, and you’ll see change. The reality of building the thing you want and having it express your vision is strong from the 27th – 31st. It’s not your only chance but it is a time to go for ‘it’, if ‘it’ is something you can go for.  


APR. 20 to MAY 21Back to Top

What wakes you in the night between May 1st and 3rd is important in the process of securing your life. It makes sense to your awake self after the 16th, but before you get there you are due for two more revelations: One on the 10th suggesting there are ways of doing things you hadn’t thought about, and another on the 11th reminding you to be realistic regarding who you can, can’t, and should trust. Be present for others from the 9th – 12th. Showing up matters. Call on the hidden powers that guide you, even if you don’t know what they are from May 17th – 20th. Blessings are everywhere. Renewal is in the air  between the 26th – 31st. A lot of the things you were wishing for at the beginning of May show up by the end. Careful not to give undo attention to small minds or judgmental people on the 25th. It’s only undermining. 


MAY 21 to JUNE 21Back to Top

You may be full of beans, confidence, drive and lots of good ideas, which is fantastic. It’s also important to remember that the one true truth is that everything passes – astrology calls it transits. So we seize the day; we make the most of what we have. And we try not to over-identify with what we have grasped. Ideas are plentiful and their time comes after May 3rd. Reality is just that – real. Pay attention from the 8th – 12th. On one hand this might slow you down a bit, but if you can keep your head and not buy into the delusion du jour you come out in a really great direction. Everything is possible from the 18th – 25th, but not just yet. A moment of stillness amidst the excitement is worth the investment. From the 26th onward you’re on a roll. A good one.


JUNE 21 to JULY 23Back to Top

It’s time to act on your genuine impulse, which you might recognize by its generally inclusive and productive quality. Don’t hold back. A worthy challenger steps up on May 9th with helpful intentions. If you feel the love and you’re inspired by it say ‘Yes’. A bit of doubt on the 11th cannot bring down the structure you are trying to build. The theme of accepting help from a powerful partner is strong 17th – 24th. It’s important to figure out if this person is actually strong enough to deliver. If not, move on and find stronger allies. You will, though there could be a difficult moment on the 25th. Trust your inner helpers, which may amount to your own hunches and instincts. Acting out of conditioning will only set you back.


JULY 23 to AUG. 23Back to Top

Exciting possibilities are sprouting around you, possibly like flowers in spring; vibrant, hopeful and liberating. Seize the moments between May 2nd and 19th. Along the way you may encounter a whirlpool of undermining doubt or a challenge to your authority. Dare to do the thing you believe in – be it art, business, or something I can’t imagine. You can’t get it all done in three weeks but there is something to be said for momentum. A seeming glitch in the gears on May 25th is just the sound of something starting. Maybe adjustment is required. From the 28th, if you work hard and stay open to possibilities you will undoubtedly find yourself with something to show for your enthusiasm, inspiration and effort.


AUG. 23 to SEP. 23Back to Top

You’ve known it all along (well, for the last three weeks), and now the time has come to act on your intuition. From May 3rd – 10th it’s time to be brave and true. It will set you free. And once freed, like a princess from the ogre’s castle you will know what to do, where to go, and who to consult. Undermining relationships seem to rain on your parade on the 11th but you are not in danger if you keep your eye on the thing you want. Not just your eye but your mind and thoughts as well. Sharing your good fortune with someone you trust and love from the 16th – 20th will expand your potential for success as well as just general happiness. Don’t be fooled on the 25th when a manipulator tries to mess up your game. Keep alert and focused, and your chances are good for ending the month on a powerful and positive note of manifestation.


SEP. 23 to OCT. 23Back to Top

Relating can be exhausting but don’t give up, not now. There is much to be gained in creating the relationship you always wanted, versus the one you always just fell into. This is very clear from May 2nd – 20th. Stand firm in what feels true between the 8th – 13th. It is true for you, and you are 50% of the relationship. Standing firm does not equate with being rigid. From the 20th – 26th is a time-out for reflection. All untimely undertakings could be beset with competitive reactions from others as well as thunderous rumblings from below, but not much lightning, so no need to scramble. Just take your time and wait. From May 27th – 31st, the possibilities of vigorous cooperation toward achieving significant goals is strong. You were made to win even while you encourage those around you to win with you.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 22Back to Top

What’s it to you if the world descends into chaos as long as you can keep doing a good job, unimpeded? Which is exactly what you can figure on happening starting on May 3rd and going full steam until the 11th when you may get sidetracked by love or children. No problem. Just pick yourself up on the 12th and continue on the path of doing what needs to get done: Good job! If you’re tired out by the 20th, find someone you trust and take a few days off together. You won’t be much good until the 26th when things begin to perk up. This time the theme seems to be good work as well as ambitious effort: Time to involve those who should participate and eliminate the dead weight. If you’re on a roll it can be hard to remember to be kind. Remember anyway.


NOV. 22 to DEC. 22Back to Top

Truth hurts when you’ve been doing everything to avoid it. Glad that’s over for you. Now it’s time to get going! Your creative impulses, which involve romance, art, kids, and entrepreneurial ventures are ready to rock – starting now. Out of the gate you might meet an old fear on May 3rd but you are totally stronger than that. Focus on reality, as in money and work, on the 9th. Be open to something you never considered from the 10th – 14th, especially if it makes sense upon reflection. It might not at first. The roll you’re on is great because it is grounded. Rest up from the 20th – 26th. From there you engage some interesting people. The challenges will only make you stronger.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 20Back to Top

Sometimes you don’t know what’s cooking but you can sure smell it on the stove. So it is for you these days. In the ‘change is good’ category you can probably relax, but if you don’t like change, well, that’s not an option. Consider becoming proactive and renovating something (metaphorically or materially) this month. The power of creative transformation is on your side at least until May 20th. Then you need to trade inspiration for perspiration and get down to the basics. Make your plans and inspect all blueprints from the 20th – 26th. Be fearless in the face of adapting or tossing what simply will not work. From the 28th you get back on the train to who knows where?


JAN. 20 to FEB. 19Back to Top

Thoughts have power, no doubt, and words carry that power far and wide. If you’ve been working on something you have to say, then saying it after May 3rd is perfect. You could change the world from the 9th – 12th, or at least your part of it. Embrace the change you have engendered between May 16th – 25th, even if it’s not exactly the way you imagined it would be. Reality checks on May 25th encourage you to push forward into making something even more creative and workable. Listen to your elders from the 28th – 31st. Maybe they wrote books and then went on to join the ancestors, or maybe they are your parents. Something wise or simply silly, this way comes. 


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20Back to Top

A brilliant idea on May 3rd could give rise to abundance. Do a reality check from the 8th – 12th. Is there support? Do you have means? Where are the undermining energies located? It’s an idea whose time has come: Worth waiting for and worth doing well. Get what you deserve on the 19th but don’t be passive about it. You may have to wrangle with the holder of the purse strings. Speak for yourself. No one else may be so inclined at this time. Look back over the past between the 20th – 26th. It’s a review though, not time for wallowing. From the 27th there is much to be done and you’re the one to do it. If you’re intimidated by the prospect, look for supports that are personal and remind you who you are and what you’re capable of. This will help you step out into the world with confidence.

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