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Sun Sign Predictions - July/August 2017

by Julie Simmons RSS Print

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MAR 20. to APR 20Back to Top

The power trippers are tripping the switches between July 1st – 11th. It’s easier to deal with if you understand your own relationship to power – the kind that shows as well as the kind that doesn’t. Empower yourself even as you work to not disempower others. Unexpected and possibly delayed reactions to your actions occur on the 17th. The wisdom of your experience is important to employ from the 19th – 23rd.

The first week of August is clean-up time in relationships as well as your professional life. It’s worth the effort from the 6th – 12th, when others appreciate that you bothered. Your own health requires cleaning up from the 12th – 30th. Getting your life in order will make room for creative expression in September. Happy times from August 19th – 21st may be shortlived if you’re excessive – but within limits, unexpected pleasures present themselves.


APR. 20 to MAY 21Back to Top

Pay attention to the ways in which you travel through different landscapes: How you drive the car or walk the path: How you wait in line to go through security or prove your citizenship. The quality of your participation in these seemingly automatic transitions that take us from one place to another matters between July 1st – 11th. In each case, as your reality changes, so do you. Startling revelations from the 16th – 21st are meant to inspire the kind of ambition that can take you to high accomplishments. This becomes more obvious after the 26th and continues on into August.

Overwork leads to resentment from August 1st – 5th, be it on the job or at play. Reset the compass of your ambition to suit yourself between the 6th – 10th. Hold on to your hard-earned money from the 12th. Someone tries to sweet-talk you into doing something you don’t believe in between the 16th – 20th. It’s like when you were a kid and family members would push you around. You can’t change the past, but you have an array of options for dealing with things now that you didn’t have back then!


MAY 21 to JUNE 21Back to Top

We speak so easily these days of mindfulness and all the good things that arise from it. Perhaps there is a corollary that we might call ‘body-full-ness,’ which translates into a different kind of presence. A presence so close and real that it engenders a kind of common sense; an ability to live, guided by our senses. Not to seek endless pleasure but to respect the ground, the elements, the seasonal shifts and our physical presence in the world: To know how to stretch and bend, what to eat, and how to nourish and protect resources. Use this sense this summer; between July 1st – 11th, everything is easier if you do. And the theme persists from July 14th – 20th when you are jolted into awareness, and August 1st – 10th when you are compelled by love to stand strong in your own truth. Your actions will speak louder than words.

A period of retreat and reflection from August 12th – 21st is helpful in orienting you for the two weeks that follow,which will be full of activity but not necessarily by choice. Put your ear to the ground on the 26th and listen well. The ancestors are calling.


JUNE 21 to JULY 23Back to Top

Confrontation at the start of July reminds you that you can’t control others. You can only choose your actions, so choose carefully from July 1st – 5th and enjoy the world you have helped create from the 8th – 11th. A bright, shiny something appeals to your senses from the 14th – 19th. It has a cost, though, be it financial or regarding your reputation. What will people think if that’s what you spend your money on? Their opinions don’t matter as much as being true to your values. All that glitters may not be gold. Reflect upon this and on the real cost and value of things until the 23rd. Let your heart lead the way, even if the way seems a bit lost. Love will prevail from July 31st into August, which is an unpredictable month.

Liars and thieves seem to come out of the woodwork from August 12th – 20th. Don’t be naive. Believe in your common sense to tell you who and what to trust. Don’t try to immediately adapt to unexpected circumstances after the 21st – it will take time for you to know what to do. Wisdom whispers in your ear on August 26th. Listen well.


JULY 23 to AUG. 23Back to Top

Empower yourself this summer by listening to your inner voice from July 1 – 11th. You understand more than you know. Needy people make demands you cannot meet from the 15th – 17th. Prepare yourself for a demanding and interesting ride from the 20th – 23rd. Your heart is in the right place from the 25th – 30th but it’s early days. Pace yourself.

August 1st – 5th is the end of a year-long debate that was never to be won or lost. Pay real attention to your relationship(s) from the 6th – 10th. Avoid unnecessary arguments as you listen and respond with kindness and intelligence. You can’t just buy your way out of your difficulties after the 12th. You really need to sort through the genuine value of each situation. Your assumptions about love and truth are solid from the 13th – 20th, but don’t expect easy agreement. Something breaks loose after the 21st. You are part of the solution from the 22nd – 28th, especially when you combine love and wisdom.


AUG. 23 to SEP. 23Back to Top

The best place to be from July 1st – 6th is with friends you trust who calm your over-analytical mind. Trust your creative power from the 7th – 12th. If it’s about love, trust yourself first and your lover after. If it’s about art, let the encouragement of others inspire your efforts. Disagreements from the 14th – 19th are softened by anchoring yourself in nature. If you need to talk to someone, do it on a walk, outside. Rumblings from within, like distant thunder, arise from the 20th – 23rd. Patience. Much will be revealed in August. You begin feeling more at home in your own mind from July 25th. An ability to control your anxious impulses begins to activate on the 26th.

The Wild Ones are out and about from August 3rd – 11th. You don’t have to party with them. A time of reflective self-interest begins on the 12th. Who are your people? What really matters? Ponder deeply until the 21st. Lights go on all over the place for you from the 22nd – 27th. Take notes.


SEP. 23 to OCT. 23Back to Top

Your glass is still half full most of the time – but don’t forget about the rest of the world; including family and people for whom you are responsible. You have a lot to offer and it’s a needy world, which is obvious from July 5th – 10th. The undertow of work is strong on the 17th and it’s not like anyone is offering you a rest. You are willing and able to give your best to the task. Challengers come at you from all corners during July 20th – 23rd. You meet them best by waiting until the 24th to respond. A new friend; demanding but winsome, arrives on the scene after the 26th. It will take time to develop.

August arrives reminding you to mix kindness with enthusiasm. This peaks from the 3rd – 10th, although it’s always a good thing to keep in mind. Nobody understands anybody for a while after the 12th. We are meant to observe and listen well before speaking. The world is shaky but many folks have their feet on the ground. Be one of those. Don’t panic and don’t feed panic in others. A profound but subtle message comes your way from August 26th – 28th. Listen, hear and wait.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 22Back to Top

There is wisdom and then there is opinion masquerading as truth from July 1st – 7th. You can tell the difference if you don’t rush to judgment. Simple. All is revealed from the 8th – 12th, and you’ll be glad you took it slow. A feeling of non-specific anxiety and resulting reactivity appears from the 14th – 19th. You have a steady intelligence that helps keep things on track – use it. Your ambition rises from the 20th. Be aware of this but slow to act until at least the 23rd. Many things reveal themselves in August, but July is about perspective. New ideas and possibilities show themselves from July 26th.

Then August 1st – 6th is a time of growth toward potentials you can’t fully grasp. Don’t try. When unexpected situations arise, even if they are not what you want, consider how you might use them for the best. Exciting possibilities need time to cook from the 12th through early September. Do your homework. A wise woman or teaching comes your way from the 13th – 20th. Be amazed. From the 21st there is a sense of “tilt,” but stand your ground for what matters from the 22nd – 25th. Be attentive to power dynamics and politics in your immediate world on August 26th. Make time for things to settle until mid-September.


NOV. 22 to DEC. 22Back to Top

Give and take is the issue on July 1st, which morphs into a ‘What-have-you-done-for-me-lately?’ issue until the 11th. Friends who understand and love you are supportive from the 13th – 19th, when less-supportive others point their fingers and judge. If you didn’t do anything wrong don’t give them the power to make you feel bad. New possibilities rise like the sun from the 20th – 23rd. It’s early days, though. The seeds of new directions only begin to sprout from July 26th, and things are tender when new, so handle with care.

As the light of potential waxes, you see clearly from August 4th – 11th. Some of what you see, you like, some you don’t. Luckily, a time of reflection begins on the 12th. Nothing needs pushing. The greatest insights will come through analyzing, organizing, and massaging possibilities. Unexpected although not surprising events spring up from the 21st. You have a part to play, which requires you to be firm, compassionate, and profoundly honest. You absolutely know what that means on August 26th.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 20Back to Top

The heaviness of reactivity, catching yourself or another person in the dance of conditioning, is tiresome but requires your attention from July 1st – 6th. Do something different than you usually would. Step outside your box and be rewarded with a sense of empowerment from the 7th – 14th. Misguided workers can mess up your day on the 17th. You’ll see a silver lining from the 18th – 19th. A deep connection is beginning to grow from July 23rd – 27th. It’s your choice, so act accordingly from August 1st – 9th as you see what is developing. You have the right to say no (or yes).

If you’re uncertain, there will be time in August to clarify what you want. Assumptions you thought unshakable are not holding steady from the 12th – 31st. Once again, the open mind saves the day until the 26th when another perspective may show itself. Everyone is nervous about the world situation from August 17th to mid-September. You did not create it. Let things unfold and step in where you can, especially on the 27th.


JAN. 20 to FEB. 19Back to Top

All sorts of things go on behind the scenes from the 1st – 11th of July. If you’re worried about this, spend some time alone and listen to the wind or the water. The cost of loving someone or something seems too high on 17th, but a shift happens in your direction by the 19th. Sharpen your wits from the 20th – 23rd; a conversation or debate is brewing. Forewarned is forearmed by the 26th, when the time for challenge is at hand.

August begins with a series of who-is-right-and-who-is-wrong struggles from the 1st – 8th.  There will be no winner, so wait until the 12th when it’s clear that things need to be looked at from a different perspective. There is much ado about nothing until the 21st, when there may actually be some kind of wake-up call...not on that day, but in the following month. Can you cultivate a “beginner’s mind” and be open to the ideas of others? This is especially valuable on the 26th, when you might learn something deeply meaningful.


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20Back to Top

The power of love to create and destroy is truly awesome from July 1st – 4th. Be awed not frightened and transformation will happen from the 8th – 11th. No one seems to understand you from the 14th – 19th. Maybe it’s enough to appreciate that they are trying. Turn away from pride in favour of healthy self-esteem until the 23rd. Better choices for a healthier lifestyle begin to emerge from July 26th. Cultivate the right stuff.

August 1st – 5th is an exercise in trust. We cannot trust each other if we don’t trust ourselves. The good intentions of people you work with and for are a bit maddening from the 6th – 10th. Kindness and humour cut through the inevitable ineptitudes of humans. Confusion reigns from the 12th – 21st if we rush to judgment or make pronouncements. The words and actions of others are a kind of mirror, reflecting your own level of self-awareness. You too can be well meaning and misguided. Be humble in this regard from the 13th – 21st. There is much to be gained as you foster the spirituality in your creativity. You know exactly what to do from the 22nd. Do it even if there are consequences from the 26th – 30th.

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