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Sun Sign Predictions – April 2017

by Julie Simmons RSS Print

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MAR 20. to APR 20Back to Top

A precious desire comes under scrutiny from the 8th – 21st as you face up to what it will take to achieve it. Don’t be daunted. Reality cannot be nailed to a wall. It changes constantly with the right tools (which you hold in your hands on the 5th), and faith in the project. Discuss your desires with a partner or advocate on the 7th – 14th. Be an active listener, even as you speak your truth. This conversation could be a blueprint for ‘how to’. Look for practical magic, the kind that opens doors on the 17th. After April 21st you are done with preparation and evaluation. Take a break until the 26th when the time to go and get it has come. Be bold, stay connected to the wisdom that guides you, and remember that nothing lasts. Everything becomes something else sooner or later. It’s a dance, not a still life.  


APR. 20 to MAY 21Back to Top

Say yes to whatever you want from the 1st – 6th, as long as you’re willing to do the work. Watch out for people who undermine your dreams on the 7th – 21st. Maybe they aren’t aware of having this effect on you, but if you feel it, pay attention. Nobody understands you between the 9th and 19th, so don’t waste your breath. Focus instead on what you want and how to get it. A reward comes your way on the 15th – 18th. Learn something important about your essential nature on April 20th. All you have to do is listen. Even if you disagree, it’s still good information to get you thinking about whether you feel lovable or not. Take time out from the fray during the 22nd – 26th. Let the world be what it is. You will return with renewed energy, ready for anything.


MAY 21 to JUNE 21Back to Top

April is a lay-low month for you until the 21st. A lot can happen as you reflect upon and declutter your mind, heart and surroundings. Regroup and evaluate whether you’re really aimed in the right direction for achieving your goals, especially where they concern business or personal partnership. If you can bear the scrutiny, there is someone who wants to advise or direct you. It’s not clear what his/her motives are or if there is any point in engaging, but it seems there is much to be gained from the interaction, as you observe how their sage input sits with you. After the 21st you are on your way, following your star, chasing the dream which has been renewed and restored to worthiness.


JUNE 21 to JULY 23Back to Top

So much depends on you and how hard you are willing to work, but even so, you cannot hold up the world. Maybe there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things, but what’s most important is to do the best you can between the 8th and 21st while respecting the limits of matter. Update your plans for the future from the 9th – 20th. You now know things that you didn’t know when you started. Step outside your usual way of doing things from April 10th – 15th. Radical departures can shake up things and give them new life. Rest and relaxation on the 22nd – 26th allows you to formulate ways to get a head start on the 26th, and open you to a revelation on the 28th from which will come action. 


JULY 23 to AUG. 23Back to Top

If you want the mechanisms of your life to work, you have to get under the hood and fiddle with the dials of how you live: what you eat, when you sleep, who you spend time with, between the 3rd – 6th. Once you become aware of your habits, you enter a period of getting rid of what holds you back, so that by next month you can move along with a vehicle that works. If you’re unclear regarding your ambitions, put aside April 19th as a day to listen with your ear to the ground of your life, with no expectations of what you might actually hear. A powerful message may come through the mist. It will make more sense after the 24th. And a noticeable forward thrust gets you going from the 26th – 28th.


AUG. 23 to SEP. 23Back to Top

You have learned how to use your ability to be both intelligent and expressive. This is obvious (at least to you) on the 5th. Hold on to that knowledge until the 9th when you could be suddenly undermined by memories of things that happened long ago along with feelings of regret, remorse or even revenge. You can’t change what happened, but you can change your relationship with the memories. Do your best (always good enough) to bring heartfelt healing to yourself, as you shift perspective from April 9th – 15th. There is always something you can learn in the attempt to rectify old relationships from the past. If you can’t contact people directly, light a candle, say a prayer, and let that be enough. A period of deep reflection from the 19th – 23rd sets you up for adventure beginning on the 26th. Look for brilliant inspiration on the 28th.


SEP. 23 to OCT. 23Back to Top

Sometimes it’s hard for Libras to know if they are competing or cooperating. What is always true is that you react. You live in a ‘voice activated’ reality, and lately the chaotic behaviours or circumstances of others really affect you. It’s hard to settle yourself if friends’ marriages are breaking, or your partner is struggling. What you need is awareness that much of your behaviour is reaction rather than self-determined action. Awareness changes everything. Check reactivity before rushing in on April 7th – 15th. Set a loving boundary with someone who matters on the 17th. Be a witness, not participant, on the 20th. On the 26th, love and spontaneity combine and help you dance with life rather than simply react.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 22Back to Top

Use your words, even if you are seriously frustrated, if you want to be understood from the 2nd – 8th. Withdrawing into a Scorpio retaliation fantasy won’t get you anywhere. On the 9th, words may fail us all for a while as we sort through the many efforts and intentions of the previous month, looking for something to inspire us to continue working toward what really matters. Be open to inspiration on the 13th – 18th. Do not let despair or frustration dull your sense of possibility. This is no time for Scorpio cynicism. Your significant other, or even just someone who challenges you, speaks truth from the 19th – 20th although not necessarily in words. Listen up: what you hear will really help you both as you enter the next chapter of your relationship. Make a to-do list on the 24th. Get cracking on the 27th and beyond.


NOV. 22 to DEC. 22Back to Top

Give your all to the task on the 5th. You will get something for your efforts. But don’t spend it all on the 7th. You know better, and the price would be way higher than you want. If you’re feeling uneasy at work on the 9th, it’s because you’re not paying attention to something that is painfully obvious. It may take until the 20th for you to figure it out. Skillful distractions are useful on April 10th – 17th. It’s okay to have some fun. Celebrate the completion of a task on the 21st – 25th. You’ve had more than your share of responsibilities these last two months. A new beginning, signalling the possibility of introducing new habits into your daily life, arrives on the 26th. Be inspired on the 28th.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 20Back to Top

Establish yourself as expert on the 5th. That way, on the 7th – 14th when things get bumpy, you’ll have some ground to stand on. The bumps are only meant to challenge your excellence; not because you aren’t excellent, but because a good challenge makes you stronger. Feel the appreciation on the 16th and 17th, but don’t let it go to your head! Anything could knock you off your pedestal on April 21st, so best not to hang out there. Sweet humility combined with a sense that you do what you do for the good of all people – at least all the people you do it for – is a great place to find yourself. If you’re wanting to fall in love or deepen the love you have, open yourself to the process after the 26th. Anything could happen on the 28th.


JAN. 20 to FEB. 19Back to Top

You’re stronger than you think from the 1st – 7th. It’s because you hold such a sturdy image of where you’re headed. It’s possible no one is in a good mood on the 8th. It’s just one of those days when those who undermine you have their way with the world. You might want to retreat into spring cleaning for a while, at least until the 15th, maybe even longer. You will accomplish a lot. Retreat isn’t all bad; just not social. Time for some fun starting April 22nd. Don’t overexert yourself. Energy will be more plentiful after the 26th when you might feel drawn to inviting people you enjoy to your (newly cleaned) home. Make sure you stock up on things that are pleasing to the senses, which isn’t to say unwholesome; nothing like some raw, pure, fairly traded chocolate, for example.


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20Back to Top

So much of living is out of our control. It’s a wonder we make anything work. For the first week of April your world is working because your ideas are strong and practical. Make necessary adjustments to these very useful concepts from the 8th – 19th. You’ll only make things better. A strong impulse to spend money rears its wild head from the 10th – 17th. If you can afford it, this spending seems like a much needed release of energy. If you can’t though, maybe you could spend time or effort. A disgruntled boss, who’s been on your case for a while, seems inclined to leave you alone after April 22nd. Enjoy this, the way you might enjoy the absence of a toothache. Invite something new and pleasurable into your life from the 26th onward. Time for those dance classes?

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