Julie Simmons’ Sun Sign Predictions – April & May 2018


MAR. 20 to APR. 19  

Listen without judgment to your thoughts. It may feel exhausting, but make an effort toward awareness and tenderness for how difficult it can be until April 5th; this leads to feelings of satisfaction from the 6th – 14th. Everything that’s been stuck starts to move on the 15th – 16th. Deal with obstacles as they arise from the 17th – 24th. There is no escape. As they say, ‘what’s in the way, is the way’. Take stock of resources from the 28th – 30th. Unexpected changes from mid-May show us that our resources, like everything else in life, are not necessarily permanent. The assumption of entitlement between May 6th – 15th only makes things harder. Radical shift comes out of nowhere on the 15th – 17th. You’ll adapt. A hard but liberating truth needs to come out on the 23rd – 26th. Like giving birth, it may hurt but there will be joy. Celebrate all the various wisdoms you have gained on your life journey thus far, from the 28th – 31st.


APR. 20 to MAY 20   

Don’t be fooled on April 1st by the voices in your head. Trust only the ones that help you release fear and walk in beauty. The effort required to do this is clearly defined from the 2nd – 11th. A significant person in your life wants to love you and ease your way from the 12th – 17th. Only fear of not being in control would make you resist. The call of the wild is in your dreams and longings on the 18th. Discern for yourself if it’s the inner or outer wilderness calling. Maybe both. Seek a guide to keep you on whatever kind of path has called you from the 24th – 30th. May is a month of surprises, maybe shocks, but not until 15th. Before that, secure and ground what you can. Change is the constant and fear is a signal that we are caught up in identity. Your part to play requires passionate ideals which foster fundamental shifts. To do this you need to release assumptions and open to new ways of owning, sharing, and investing. A loving neighbour or sibling is willing to help on the 19th. Energy is abundant on the 23rd. Honesty in relationships fosters depth and true love 24th – 26th. Don’t believe everything you see or hear 28th – 31st.


MAY 21 to JUNE 21  

Riding the undulating waves of the collective consciousness that we call culture allows you to listen to things you can’t control and can’t quite fathom. From this unstable vantage point arises a kind of anxiety that compels us to consume more. The better ride, the more reliable voice to listen for, is the inner one, the voice that reminds you to connect not collect. April 1st – 19th could be a time for personal liberation or desperate fear. Gemini is symbolized by the butterfly, each flower a choice. Be guided by life’s sweetness from the 7th – 12th. Dance with abundance from the 17th – 19th. An offer you may not want but can’t refuse comes along between the 25th – 29th. It is not what it seems. Make no assumptions. Just take the ride. If you work hard and pay attention to the work on May 1st – 8th, you might feel like you’re just so great. And you are, of course, but not immune to the failings of others. Lay low on the 12th – 15th. Change is riding into town from the 16th. Stay close to the great wisdoms. Then change will be your ally and seem more like opportunity than chaos. Build on your strengths from the 23rd – 29th. No one, not even you, should doubt that you are curious and quick witted.


JUNE 21 to JULY 21   

Celebrate the Holy Fool on April 1st – 5th when you remember that the only thing you can actually control is what you do with your reactions, never the wild, crazy antics of those around you. This comes again on the 25th – 27th. Love between friends and partners is strong and real from the 10th – 14th. Absorb it even as you give it away. A jolt of energy between the14th – 16th wakes you up to the need for challenge, protest, and demand for the good of all, not just the few. These impulses are uncomfortable as well as inevitable. They enliven us. Step in and be the Queen Bee leader you are. By the 28th – 30th, the way makes more sense. A tangle of misunderstanding and confusion from May 6th – 12th suddenly resolves when you let go of having to have things your way. Beauty in art and/or nature needs champions from the 15th. Understanding beauty as a force in the soul, not a commodity, is something you feel in your cells from the 18th – 23rd. This feeling blossoms and radiates through your life, relationships, and creations. Could it be the actual felt sense of love? Not a theory or a transaction but the cellular is-ness. Work hard at your job even as you listen to dreams and watch for synchronicities 28th – 31st. They are signposts, guiding you along your way.


JULY 22 to AUG. 22   

Let there be a moment of silence on April 1st while you listen for the still, small voice that knows the way. Then, from the 2nd – 11th you’ll be ready to make a great effort toward improving the details of your life. Rest in the knowledge that your best is good enough from the 12th – 15th. A wise way shows itself to you from the 16th – 18th. You may just catch a glimpse or be totally inspired. You have time. This is just the beginning. More hard work on the 25th – 30th is all for the good. Resist the urge to blame yourself or others, May 7th – 13th. The truth will out from the 15th – 17th and you don’t need to do anything to help it. All you can do in the face of people’s bad choices and behaviours is to not encourage them. Use common sense from the 18th – 23rd. Trust your feelings even as you listen to the feelings of those you love, which might be different than your own on the 24th – 26th. Everyone can grow a little closer when they unplug from the hurly burley on the 28th – 31st. The world is crazy indeed. It takes a strong, courageous heart like yours to stay centred.


AUG. 23 to SEPT. 22  

Are you perfect yet? Maybe you have something better than perfection. It’s no fun on April 4th – 12th unless you understand the value of love: The gritty kind that exists deep in the nooks and crannies of connection with the people and things that you love. Listen for a rallying cry on April 15th – 16th. Going where it leads could transform your life. Why not be transformed? If you’re an artist, make your best effort on the 22nd – 26th. Your creations are the scaffolding on which you build your expression. If you’re a parent or entrepreneur, take this time for creating a secure base so the kids or business can flourish. Celebrate the only dance there is on the 28th – 30th. Confused people want your thoughts on the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ from May 6th – 12th. Be generous but protect your boundaries. Be practical as you navigate change from the 18th – 23rd. Let kind words and generosity flow like a river on the 24th – 26th. By month’s end you have become boss or caretaker. Use your Virgo wit. Nothing compares to your ability to troubleshoot; as long as you are not the trouble.


SEPT. 23 to OCT. 22   

Be wise in the ways of letting go from April 1st – 5th. Most of what you’re holding is made of memory and possibly regret. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Ignore the confused attempts of others to find a secure place and focus instead on where life is taking root. Uncomfortable as it may be, focus on feelings from the 11th – 15th; this helps you to see the way forward between the 16th – 18th. Something needs renovating. Trust the impulse and make your changes with an eye toward sustainability from the 24th – 30th. And stay connected to feelings. Take nothing, not even health, for granted from May 6th – 13th. Conscious and engaged participation enables you to deal with radical shift from the 15th – 18th. The fortunes of someone you care about are changing. Think like a first responder; crisis in action is something Libra handles well. You lead through interaction. Your words and insights are useful from the 26th – 31st. Share them with others.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 21  

There is great power is in knowing how you feel, not in getting people to feel the way you want. Eventually they often come around anyway. In spite of all caution, angry words are in the air from April 2nd – 11th. Soothe the aggravation from the 12th – 15th. Everything makes more sense after that. It matters how you say what you say between April 16th – 18th. Truth is most effective when it comes from love. Carry this through the end of April. Someone is really listening to you. The best of intentions on May 6th take you into the realm of other people’s projections and paranoias. Avoid the lure of gossip and keep your focus on the higher ground until the 13th. The swiftly tilting nature of political chaos, greed, and militant idealism approaches critical mass on May 14th – 17th. We are not surprised, yet there is shock. Keep homeopathic Rescue Remedy on hand and use common sense to ground your thoughts on the 18th – 23rd. A flood of compassion opens your heart and reminds you of what you believe on the 22nd – 26th. Let deeply held beliefs motivate actions and expression 28th – 31st.


NOV. 22 to DEC. 21   

What’s next on the list of creative pursuits? Does love given or received light the fire in your eyes and heart? Proceed with care on April 2nd – 12th. All actions have consequences. You know which consequence you want after the 15th when all creative projects move ahead. An exciting, if demanding, consequence shows itself from April 17th – 22nd. Be cautious in handling it on the 26th – 30th. The right approach is murky at first. You are able to look at fear without indulging in panic on May 1st – 14th. Your ability to see and not judge until need be is a real asset. Chaos, or at least radical change or simply the intensity of your daily life, are front and center on May 15th – 17th. It will take time to sort; no need to get used to it just yet. Question your own thoughts even as you are bombarded by the ideas of others. A true connection presents itself on the 22nd – 26th. Gratitude, for all that has made you who you are, equates with deep acceptance and opens you to even deeper connection on the 28th – 31st.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 19  

The weight of your world can be lighter if you tune into ancestral voices calling to you across time and terrain from April 1st – 11th. There is something awe inspiring in what went into making you who you are, right where you stand. This is as much about how you hold responsibility as about how you literally stand on your feet and walk through the world. Sometimes bodywork is ‘The Work’. If unresolved, misunderstandings start to resolve from the 16th. Inspiration comes easily between April 18th – 26th. Every brilliant possibility demands serious effort. Be confident in your abilities. The fleeting nature of pleasure is a good contemplation from May 1st – 6th. A rude awakening arrives on the 7th. Keep breathing. The lesson is clear from the 13th – 15th. Armed with the kind of wisdom that only can come from experience, you are able to deal with radical change from the 15th – 17th. You can really make a difference to those who do not have the kind of experience that you do. If you’re down a quart when it comes to romance, there are unexpected opportunities springing up from 19th. Your challenge is to say yes; eyes wide open, feet on the ground. Try it on May 23rd – 28th if it feels right.


JAN. 20 to FEB. 18   

Irritating misunderstandings can leave you mired in red tape, frustrated by technical support, or just plain confused. So take it slow for the first two weeks of April. Anything you can avoid or postpone is a good idea. Conversely, all that slow energy gives you access to a rich, active dream life. In matters of art and love, poetry and creative problem solving, you’re thrice blessed. Rejoin the so-called real world after the 16th, fortified and open to the joys of the learning curve you must embrace to deal with life’s glitches. Inner and outer realities combine from the 22nd – 30th. Time to own reality as the training ground for personal and spiritual growth. May is full of promises for the first 6 days. After that you are besieged by expectations at home and in your career. Back away from thinking you can give the people what they want until the 16th when focus and energy return. What is required is to ask a lot of questions before you forge ahead. Otherwise there will be lots to clean up later. The right kind of expectations come your way 21st – 25th as long as you know what expectation you have of yourself. You’re a stabilizing influence when you know where you’re going.


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20  

Hold onto your resources at least until April 15th because nothing you think you want will seem the same after. Friends are no help from the 2nd – 5th, but someone you count on helps out on the 7th. Even so, circumstances are not optimal or even predictable until the 16th. A revelation about what you actually do want arrives on the 18th. Wise guidance is worth taking from the 22nd – 26th. End the month with respect and appreciation for however that guidance came to you; be it through a wise person, a course, or advice from your in-laws. Feel the power of the season of birth (spring) from May 1st – 6th. From the 7th – 12th it’s fine to struggle with the discrepancy between what you know is possible and the situations at hand. The light bulb goes on, on the 13th, but wait until the 18th before taking action. It’s amazing how much can change in only a few days. A happy opportunity for love or fun comes your way on the 19th. It’s not frivolous or meaningless. Feelings deepen between the 23rd – 26th. Enjoy your capacity for feeling them. Information swarms like bees or bugs on the 28th – 31st.

About the Author
Julie Simmons is a practicing astrologer in Toronto. She would like you to understand that Sun Sign astrology has its strengths and its weaknesses. Take it lightly; use it as you will. For consultations call (416) 424-3079. Visit www.juliesimmons.ca