Sun Sign Predictions – September 2017


MAR 20. to APR 20  

How can we be sure what is real? Possibly we can’t. Because of this, we cling to our consensus reality and shore it up with assumptions. Love calls you to see something real, to pierce the veil of confusion and know your own heart from September 1st – 4th. Say nothing; let it work its way through your system from the 12th to 18th when you must speak your truth. Someone may object on the 13th, but when did the course of true love ever run smooth? Practice kindness on the 24th and especially as you step into some challenging situations from September 25th – 28th. We rise to meet challenges in ways that tell us who we are. They are mirrors offering true reflections of our nature in which we can see a picture of ourselves, if only for a moment.


APR. 20 to MAY 21  

There is not much you can do about things before September 5th. The origins of such events sprout from seeds planted long ago. Might as well enjoy the ride as best you can. Your abilities as a “maker” begin to grow strong from the 5th – 10th. Use this power from the 15th – 19th to express a truth which may set a course for justice to be served, which culminates in the last week of September. It’s important to live a life you can believe in, as much as possible. Love and beauty open you to wisdom, as they should on the 22nd. That wisdom might inspire you to be of compassionate service even if it costs you something on the 25th.


MAY 21 to JUNE 21  

Say what you have to from the 1st – 4th, but don’t waste your breath on people who aren’t interested. You tell a good story and that’s the truth. Serious family matters need attention from the 5th – 16th. Enlist the aid of an interested partner. If they seem to be making it harder on the 13th, ask yourself if you aren’t resisting what’s being offered. It happens sometimes. A loving friend is also a great support from the 15th – 18th. Take a sanity day on the 19th. Listen to the voices in your head and think about where you want to go next: inside and out. Unruly relatives do more than annoy you on the 24th. You show them what’s what from September 27th – 30th with your clever and creative ways of expression.


JUNE 21 to JULY 23  

Spend your money well from September 1st – 4th on things that have real value, not just glitz. If you aren’t sure, wait until the 6th, when good advice, as well as things coming to light, show you the way. Say what you need to say to the person you need to say it to on the 9th. You will have another chance around the 16th and 22nd. The time is right to clarify misunderstandings, for you as well as the other guy. There’s a possibility of getting tangled in bureaucratic nonsense on the 13th, but you seem well taken care of by family members and secure in the measures you have put in place to protect you from just such a moment. Expectations of what could be are honed and tested in the reality of what is from September 19th – 25th. It’s a good thing. Avoid righteous family members from the 26th – 30th who want to get you to take their side. Families are inherently round, they should not have sides.


JULY 23 to AUG. 23  

It seems you’ve never been more alive, but you are not thinking clearly. Enjoy the powerful pulsing of love in the vein, and don’t worry if no one quite gets it. Things will clear up after the 5th, little by little every day, as priorities shift and you get down to what is really real for you. This process gathers energy on the 5th, 9th, and 16th. After September 20th you may start to see the fruits of this journey beginning to take shape. If it’s about business, make sure you know what has real value in the present as well as future possibilities. You could be tested on the 13th, 25th, and beyond. Words have power. People react to them with extra strength from the 26th – 30th. Choose yours well.


AUG. 23 to SEP. 23  

Things come to a head from September 3rd – 7th. Don’t try to control it. Sometimes the least likely path is the one that takes you where you need to be. All sorts of creative empowerments are strong and available from the 8th – 16th. Nothing can manifest without your effort. If it’s love we’re talking about (it’s always love), make an effort to clean out or at least acknowledge the hold the past has on you. If it’s art, be willing to expose deep truth in service of expression. If it touches you, it can touch us all. Be still on the 19th. There is much to be grateful for. Never forget that you are summer’s child. The new season doesn’t take hold until September 22nd, when you are tasked with giving voice to all manner of self expression, at least till the 26th. Huge change is afoot from the 27th – 30th. Are you bold enough to let go of what is past so that you can take hold of what is coming toward you?


SEP. 23 to OCT. 23  

Make no mistake, a crisis is brewing. It seems to involve you on September 2nd, but it is not your problem if you don’t take it on. Even so, you may feel the disruption it causes at least until the 7th. Think of it as a dream. Don’t be a busybody. If you can’t actually do some good, light a candle and keep out of the way of trouble. A message from the past or at least from home on the 9th has the power to shift your perspective, although it may take until next month to understand just how much. An exciting, interesting gathering on the 12th leads to an intimidating yet compelling project. You’ll know what you want from September 22 – 30. A literal and metaphorical undertow is strong from the 23rd – 26th. Stay out of deep waters. A wakeup call regarding a relationship arrives on the 28th. It reveals who you are as well as who s/he might be.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 22  

The chaotic world ‘out there’ inspires you to do your most and best from September 1st – 4th. Engage with other energetic people from the 5th – 12th and your fortunes will increase. Be generous on the 13th even if you feel inclined toward the opposite. Actions speak louder than feelings. A flash of insight on the 3rd wants to be more than a flash by the 16th. Get to work combining beauty and/or compassion with service. Take some time for yourself from September 18th – 20th. There is no one to impress. Social/political realities require attention from the 21st – 25th. Watch out for politics that seem to benefit all, but only really benefit one person. Unseen but strongly felt shifts in energy push you away from what you were expecting, and toward radical change. These are times of radical shift.


NOV. 22 to DEC. 22  

It isn’t likely that someone knows you better than you know yourself; it’s only that you aren’t paying attention. Your lived life is a mirror. Take a look and see who you are from the 1st – 4th. You are someone who does this and doesn’t do that. Put these valuable insights about yourself to good use as you make your world a better place from the 5th – 12th. Every effort is worth making. Expect nothing on the 13th. However, by the 15th – 18th your excellence and lovability shine for all to see. Do your best from the 19th – 29th despite the sense that nothing lasts. We all stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. Challenge the voices of judgment on the 28th. You have a right to be heard.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 20  

Forces way beyond your control are indeed to be respected, honoured, and appreciated, but once you do that from September 1st – 4th it’s time to be on your way, following your dream. Travel and/or education are hard to resist from the 5th – 8th. All the better if you can connect it to your professional life. Mixing business with pleasure is made to order for Capricorns. Music and poetry speak to or through you from the 19th – 29th. We are soulful beings and some messages can only come to us from the right side of the brain. Be receptive. A shock to the system between 25th and 30th requires a reconfiguring of your current ambitions. Change is inevitable, and not always chosen. See what you can do with what you get.


JAN. 20 to FEB. 19  

Your challenger uses words as her/his weapon. You too have a lot to say to someone from the 1st – 4th. Things that were misunderstood, possibly through deliberate misrepresentation, begin to make sense on the 5th. This does not mean you should trust people who are manipulative. Pay attention to your spidey sense from the 5th – 15th. If you owe something to someone, you should of course repay it, but don’t let yourself be manipulated into giving more than you should. A friend hinders you on the 13th, but wise advice helps straighten things out from the 14th – 19th. If you’ve been waiting to take a big trip or go back to school, now’s the time from September 22nd – 30th. There is always reason to learn more and to see the world.


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20  

Preparation is an important factor in excellence. We have all heard that greatness is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration. You know it is true. Do your prep from September1st – 5th so you can shine your light on the 6th – 9th. It doesn’t stop there. Your ability is known to all from the 11th – 14th. It’s not about pride or taking a bow. It’s about getting back what you put in. Unanticipated acknowledgments come in various ways from the 15th – 18th, and again during the last week of September. Don’t listen to the natter of voices that undermine your faith in your abilities. Everyone has them, but you, who can be so sensitive, are unduly troubled by this factor of doubt. Tell it you’re not interested.

About the Author
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