Julie Simmons’ Sun Sign Predictions – June/July 2018


MAR. 20 to APR. 19  

While on your way to the ‘Big Adventure of the moment’, stuff is bound to happen. On June 1st to 4th, open yourself to events and circumstance with joy simply because you’re alive and you can. Magic happens in these moments. A misunderstanding feels hopelessly tangled on the 5th – 9th. Breathe deep and wait until the 13th when clarity returns even if it still takes time to know what to do about it. Memories and dreams are stirred up on the 18th – 21st. Your inner shaman wants you to learn from everything that ever happened to you. This is bound to be a summer of questioning assumptions: A fierce confrontation between the mind and heart. Get ready on the 25th – 28th. There is no other place to be.

JULY: Knowing and accepting how you feel releases so much energy when you don’t judge what you know on July 1st – 9th. Think about this. A beautiful gift comes your way on the 11th. Security and responsibility challenge each other on the 12th – 14th; resolution requires a both/and mentality. The sheer pleasure of being outside under the sky on land or water hits you like a revelation on the 21st – 26th. You can’t own it, you can only dance with it. And the more you do, the greater your joy and that of others around you. The Lord of the Dance is knocking at the door.


APR. 20 to MAY 20   

Sometimes a person can feel small, vulnerable and tossed by the winds of change. All you want is a safe place. But what if? What if just once in your life you let it be what it is? What if all expectations, yours and theirs, were seen simply as manifestations of energy. What if you fling your arms wide and embrace the full catastrophe? You have never been closer to the true manifestation of Taurus freedom which is about being rather than doing. Let this be the thread you use to navigate the labyrinth of summer 2018. On June 1st – 12th let go of trying to control the obstacles. Participate with your social world on the 13th – 21st. They matter. Use your lifetime of acquired skills to make your professional life strong from the 22nd – 30th even as you acknowledge that you don’t control it.

JULY: Sharpen your wits on July 1st – 5th by turning off devices and going for a walk. The brain supports the mind best when it is balanced. Nothing you can do about the past, especially someone else’s, except for one thing: Be witness to their version of experience on the 9th – 12th. The power of such behaviour shows itself between the 13th – 24th. Brace yourself for challenges to your leadership on the 25th – 29th.


MAY 21 to JUNE 21  

June has a ‘push-me-pull-you’ feel to it. Everything is fine but nothing is stable. It’s possible to know and understand the truth of your feelings and take time communicating what you know. This is the stuff of wisdom, June 1st – 7th. New possibilities, like electric storms on planets far away, shoot across your mind from the 13th – 20th. Some are brilliant and some better left to fade away in the night. If this confuses you, spend time outside. The wilder the better, especially on the longest day of the year. Summer is a time to ask questions. Nature has the best answers. Disruptions on the 30th are meant to unblock your creativity.

JULY: Radical truth about your health and how you care for it arises from July 4th – 10th. Do the best you can with the information you have. If you have a decision to make, aim to make it between the 13th – 22nd. From the 23rd things get a bit spindizzy. Best to spend it dancing beneath the sun, moon, and stars. There will be time to process all that happens in August.


JUNE 21 to JULY 21   

Optimistic feelings on June 1st – 4th are a gift, meant to sustain you through less positive times. The confusions and manipulations on the 5th – 8th are not the ‘always’ and ‘never’ of your life. They simply challenge your assumptions. On the 13th it’s time to dream your way on; this may seem too vague but it will become clear from the 18th – 21st. What you feel, you know, and this kind of knowing is your ally, even if feelings are complex. Love and relationship are challenging from the 23rd – 25th requiring a change of perspective from the 27th onward. It’s not about making a decision but about shifting your view.

JULY: July 1st – 12th is a time of opening to people, ideas, plans and hopes for the future as well as things you must learn to strengthen what’s good in your life. Use the intensity of connection as an indication of what matters on the 13th – 24th. If you should find yourself down a rabbit hole on the 25th – 29th it’s to be expected. Stay present. Be curious even as you maintain the stance of a warrior: centered, vigilant, curious, awake and most importantly relaxed. There is much to see and learn if we do not let fear dominate perception.


JULY 22 to AUG. 22   

Dig deep into the mysteries, be they spiritual, psychological or simply what’s in the back of the closet, from June 1st – 5th. That is where the riches are. Step away from the manipulations of others on the 6th – 8th. Your social life wants renewal after the 13th. Put on your best and join the party, even if you have to be the one to get it going. Stay with those you trust from the 18th – 21st. And do what you must to stay awake for the longest day of the year. Passion is tempered by the need to be responsible on the 23rd – 28th because all actions have consequences. Look out for falling debris, literal or symbolic, on the 30th – 31st.

JULY: Accept all challengers on July 3rd – 9th. It’s not about self-defense. It’s about dancing even if your partner doesn’t quite know the moves. Stay close to what matters on the 9th – 12th. Most change is inevitable although we may not realize that until after. Align yourself from the 13th with the necessity of change. It’s more fun that way. Your Leo month gets off to a blustery start on the 22nd – 26th. Be curious, not controlling. Much is revealed or exposed from 27th – 31st for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and aren’t afraid to ask questions. Could this be you?


AUG. 23 to SEPT. 22  

Tuned into organic and natural as Virgo often is, you might be on a roll over the next few months to make this world more wholesome, to restore it to wholeness. Give it your best on June 1st. Focus your intention on reachable goals, the kind that encourage people to understand and communicate with you on the 13th – 17th. Rise to meet the challenge which presents itself between the 20th – 23rd. Resolve to ask important questions of those who assume they know the answers from the 26th. Everyone could learn something.

JULY begins with a mandate to have more fun. But what is fun for you? An awesome sense of trusting the path you are on reveals itself on the 9th – 14th. Use it to gather with people of like mind and set collective intentions. The intensity of a world on fire with visionary possibilities as well as destructive flames increases on the 26th – 31st. It’s OK to withdraw and ask yourself some big questions: Why am I here? What can I do? What is the matter? The questions are more important than the answers.


SEPT. 23 to OCT. 22   

Yours is the debating sign, the one that fights for peace. As June progresses, consider which battles you want to engage. Be honest about your desires on the 1st – 7th, at least with yourself. The arrow of adventure carries you onward from the 13th, hopefully carrying you along toward summer activities. Be mindful of what things cost from the 14th – 20th. Some costs are worth it, others are paltry attempts at thinking we can pay to distract ourselves from suffering, even as they cause more. This is clear, albeit stressful between the 24th – 30th. Stress vanishes when you willingly engage the challenge.

JULY 4th – 11th questions your aspirations. Look up at the mountain you are planning to climb. If it’s really what you want (and it may be) make sure you have adequate provisions and be on your way on the 13th – 24th. If it’s the wrong mountain, now is your chance to change course. The magic ingredient is the ability to ask the right questions.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 21  

Don’t let your imagination be co-opted by pop culture on June 1st – 7th. Better to go for the quality stuff that can inspire your creativity. People are hard to deal with when you need or expect them to behave the way you want. They are fascinating and each encounter offers a life lesson after the 13th if you’re willing to love what is, rather than what could/should be according to you. Speak your truth on the 15th – 20th even as you are aware of how subjective it is. Passion is high on the 21st but/and it will take months to sort through all that comes into being on account of it. Best results emerge when passion becomes compassion.

JULY 1st – 8th offers strong gut-level knowing regarding commitments. You know the right thing to do. Ease up on perfection from the 9th – 12th. Focus on preparation. From the 13th you have much to learn or teach. Let nature have your back; all the greatest wisdom originates from our connection to Her. Confrontation with authority is the theme on the 24th – 31st. It’s time to protest even if the authority is an inner one; who really is the author of your days?


NOV. 22 to DEC. 21   

Wherever you go, there you are. But it’s also true that you are most yourself in the getting there rather than the being there. Let your most trusted partners join and support you in this from June 1st – 12th. Every boy/girl knows it’s good to have a sidekick. Relationships are a major factor on the 13th – 20th. It’s not just the activities you share, it’s also the feelings – good, bad, and ugly ones. The more they have permission to flow without control or obsession the better. Open yourself up to communication that comes and goes from your heart and body as well as your mind on the 25th – 30th and beyond. This has value as it can open doors to trust and sharing and give you lots of new ideas.

JULY: Create a reminder for yourself to listen to others even as you listen to yourself and your reactions from the 4th – 9th and more strongly from the 26th – 31st. Living well in a chaotic world requires a deep acknowledgment of impermanence. Practice seeing things from the ‘100 years from now’ perspective on the 12th – 25th. If your health is an issue do practical things first – eat better, move more – before you scare yourself by looking it up online.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 19  

June 1st – 4th is all about cross pollination – read something you wouldn’t usually read, walk home by an alternate route, chat with a neighbour at the local market. These connections help you avoid listless confusion from June 5th – 13th. An unexpected reminder that love is best when built upon trust electrifies your awareness from the 14th – 18th. The truth which must be spoken shows itself easily if kindness is present on the 18th – 21st. Summer arrives on a wave of desire. You may wrangle over something you think belongs to you on the 21st – 23rd. By the 25th you enter a long process of re-evaluation. Best to walk that walk and become aware of unconscious bias. What we think we think is never the whole picture.

JULY: Someone who knows you well shows you how you really feel from the 4th – 9th. Even if they aren’t kind, you can be, especially to yourself. This takes you to the 12th. From the 13th you see there is lots you can do to integrate your feelings with actions. Life is never easy for long but this kind of awareness opens you to ease. Seek or offer wisdom from the 14th – 24th. The promise of chaos on the 25th – 31st is softened if you ask questions rather than demand answers.


JAN. 20 to FEB. 18   

Thrust into a world of action, reaction, and possibly a sense that you must do something, already it seems you’re off to the races on June 1st – 5th. Pay attention to the feelings of those around you, if not your own. We are motivated by feelings which are a force to be reckoned with from the 6th – 13th and again 17th – 20th. In between, some unexpected upsets on the domestic front have you rethinking your way forward. Give yourself permission to change your mind on the 21st – 26th. Wait and see what will be required on the 26th – 30th and beyond. You’ll know when it is time to act.

JULY: Be kind to all from July 1st – 8th, because the world can seem like a lonely place, even though we are all here together. Creativity and fun arrives on the 13th. Invite it in with an open heart and willing participation. Everything you want is just a thing and guaranteed not to satisfy you for long. Let this awareness strengthen your sense of gratitude for fleeting wonderment on the 21st – 25th. From the 26th your task is to listen and truly hear what others are saying. Your response is crucial.


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20  

It’s easy to be stirred up on June 1st – 4th. Be stirred, not shaken when you allow a situation to open you to the getting of wisdom and the deepest kind of learning. The more connected you are to wisdom the less annoyed you’ll feel about domestic situations you can’t control on the 5th – 8th. Turn toward the things you can make happen on the home front from the 13th – 15th. Making the effort counts for something even if you don’t succeed. Sharing your deepest knowledge is a good thing from the 17th – 21st. From that point summer reveals its themes on the 23rd – 28th. It’s not what you do for people that matters so much as who you are and what you share based on a deep sense of compassion for yourself and others. It’s your best gift.

JULY: Assume your greatest potential from July 1st – 11th. Fake it if you must. Your efforts will be appreciated in any case. A friend or social group demands your attention on the 12th – 24th. These are your people. They matter. You are a gift to them as well. Landscapes shift once again on the 25th – 28th. Big ideas need to change if we are to get where we’re going with the least amount of stress: Yours as well as everyone else’s.

About the Author
Julie Simmons is a practicing astrologer in Toronto. She would like you to understand that Sun Sign astrology has its strengths and its weaknesses. Take it lightly; use it as you will. For consultations call (416) 424-3079. Visit www.juliesimmons.ca