Julie Simmons’ Sun Sign Predictions – December 2018 & January 2019


MAR. 20 to APR. 19  

Think about the deep stuff and try not to give into fear and judgment on December 1st – 7th. This world was never something you could control, especially people with their neurotic complexes and reactions. We (including you) are those people. Strong dreams, both fascinating and instructive, are pushing at the door of your unconscious. Take notes from the 7th – 18th and use them to guide you from the 20th – 22nd. Ignore confusion on the 24th. By the 31st you are percolating with energy and ready for 2019.

JANUARY: The weight of responsibility feels heavy as 2019 begins, despite your eagerness to get going. Look to balance your ability to respond to the inevitable obligations of your life with your passionate energy and intention. What’s good for the planet will also be good for you. Having figured this out, it’s time to dive into your life on the 6th. Obstacles that present themselves on the 7th – 21st are worthy and accompanied by an exhilarating sense of challenge. Enthusiasm is high on the 22nd – 31st.


APR. 20 to MAY 20   

Start with the premise that the only person you need to trust is you, then others are easier to be around and may even make you laugh. Be mindful of this December 1st – 7th when actions or reactions of a friend could inspire a vendetta or a deepening of true feeling based on acceptance of human foibles. Blinding flashes of inspiration reveal paths of change from the 19th – 24th. They say Taurus hates change, yet change is the only constant – yours to explore. This inspiration will be useful during the early part of 2019.

JANUARY: Anchor yourself to the ‘really real’ from the 1st – 5th. Do this by paying attention to the taste, smell, and touch of things. Our senses are the doors of perception. The world out there is too busy and crazy to be tackled from the 8th – 21st. Stressors are everywhere, solutions not easily found. Freefall is not a Taurus option so practice as if you are the rock at the centre of a river in flood, or maybe an old tree with deep roots in a great wind. Stand your ground with presence, not will. Much wisdom is gained in this way on the 24th – 31st. We were born to these times. So be it.


MAY 21 to JUNE 21  

There is no answer because the questions keep coming. As soon as you figure out one, another one arises. Your best trick in life is resilience. You could think of it as your practice. Remember who you are for all of December as the twirl and swirl of movement goes on within you and without you. It’s the dance of life. Don’t waste time explaining or justifying your existence December 1st – 6th. No one is really listening; they would rather be heard. Your reactions to others are strong from the 12th – 19th. Think of them as pieces of cloth out of which you can make a quilt, or beads on a string. Someone who truly ‘gets’ you shows up on the 20th – 22nd. This is solstice season. Embrace it fully even as you continue to dance and move with the shapeshifting energies of the month. Social life calls starting 31st.

JANUARY: If you can’t trust yourself, you can’t trust others. That’s for certain on January 1st. Ponder this until the 6th, as it will be a theme for 2019. Obstacles on the 8th – 18th are opportunities to clean house; a good time to move on from those who take more than they give. The ones who are left show their love for you on the 18th, even if they have their limits. Humans just never get enough. Many things become clear on the 20th – 25th; some good, some not. Stay neutral even as you manage a few handsprings and cartwheels along the way. You are the magician, the trickster. The thing is not to trick yourself.


JUNE 21 to JULY 21   

Let love open your heart but stay close to that which lives in your soul. Feel what you feel rather than taking action, at least until December 7th. There’s a lot of work to be done from the 7th but it’s also important to address the power of commitment in relationship. Ask yourself if you are held by a sense of obligation due to a feeling of unworthiness on the 15th – 23rd.

JANUARY: The New Year brings new ambitions from January 1st – 8th. Make a vision board and see what happens. Work on cooperation from the 9th – 21st. The secret lies in taking your time when responding. There’s lots to do and so little time between the 22nd – 25th. It’s all worth doing and you’re the right person for the job. It feels like a blessing and a curse. Remember the inherent goodness of life itself on 29th – 31st. It’s everywhere; sacred and in plain sight.


JULY 22 to AUG. 22   

You’ve been cleaning out the basements of your life for a while now. Keep at it until the 7th, after which it’s time to have more fun. Look into the meaning of your daily life on the 15th – 20th. Work or not, the time to celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year is upon us from December 21st – 28th. Make time to enjoy it.

JANUARY: An influx of energy arrives with the New Year. Spend it on things you believe in. Contemplate what it is that makes your life feel meaningful on the 1st – 5th. Once you have that, implement changes based on what you learned. It seems like everyone has an axe to grind on the 8th – 14th. Be kind but protect your boundaries and don’t believe everything you hear. Relationships go off the rails between the 20th – 25th. Sidestep judgments with humour. Pay attention to little things that can lead to the greatest changes.


AUG. 23 to SEPT. 22  

What you say matters, but what you think matters more because it powers your speech and actions. Understanding the impulse behind your responses on December 1st – 8th can be illuminating and helpful in letting your little light shine in the dark of the year. Opportunities to express love and/or creativity are there if you reach for them on the 15th – 20th. Expectations regarding family members fall flat on the 21st – 28th, just in time for the holidays. Avoid that by not having expectations. Loving family members just the way they are is a notable spiritual accomplishment.

JANUARY: Take a slow start to 2019 and allow time for simple pleasures on the 1st to 6th. Pressure mounts on the 7th – 18th as people make demands on your time. It’s okay to hold onto your boundaries from the 19th – 23rd. Have confidence that you are doing your best and that’s as good as it gets. Relationships are confusing on the 20th – 25th. It can work out for you if you let the other person have their expression even as you step away from the drama. All is well by January 31st if you can let things be.


SEPT. 23 to OCT. 22   

Protect your resources, be they financial or energetic, from lapses of attention between December 1st – 7th. Don’t spend on a whim. Don’t let others manipulate you with fear of missing out or being left behind. Let your December good times take your well-being into account starting on the 17th. The bill always comes due. Disruptions from a significant person in your life point the way toward change, which is good from the 19th – 22nd. It might require adjusting responsibilities between you, or that your partner acknowledges that you are already doing all that you can. We enter a period of increased confusion and fractured facts on the 24th that lasts about 4 or 5 weeks. Hold steady by listening to feelings when it comes to making choices. Let your mantra be ‘I want what’s good for me.”

JANUARY: It’s not enough to carry responsibility for home and family members. You must also look at past conditioning and how it feeds your sense of obligation. This fosters wisdom. Meditate on such things from January 1st – 11th and again on the 20th – 23rd. Although this may expose uncomfortable areas of conflict and tension, which Libra doesn’t like, it’s well worth doing. Use the gift of words, music, or even your hands to make the world more beautiful on the 12th – 25th. This can help to alleviate the sense of confusion and chaos that underlies this month. By the 30th there is solid ground, at least for now.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 21  

There’s always meant to be a gap between feeling and action. This has been more or less your lesson over the last two months. It’s frustrating and may have a peak moment on December 1st – 6th. You can bear it. Possibly you have created the seeds of a new habit that help you to feel more secure within. Step up to the place where people make intelligent choices from the 15th – 21st. Quite possibly you are the (only?) one who knows the way forward. You’ll know to do this because it will be easy. Others will listen. In matters of love, you would do well to be a good listener starting the 24th and beyond.

JANUARY: New Year – clean slate, at least that’s how we want to feel. If you haven’t cleaned your slate fully, you have until the 6th to finish the job. From there, you are full steam ahead regarding projects and goals you would like to engage. Obstacles, like fallen branches after a storm, are scattered along your path from the 8th – 21st. Call on people who share your passion for the things you value. They are supportive on the 22nd – 26th. After that it should be easier to see the way forward.


NOV. 22 to DEC. 21   

Be on the lookout for unexpected sinkholes from December 1st – 7th. After the 12th, things pick up because you’re more easily understood as well as understanding. Investments in home or possibly initiatives by family members are worth considering on the 17th – 21st. You know it’s a good idea if you are inspired by the possibility of positive change in the future. Memories of holidays past are strong from the 23rd – 31st. Whether they are happy or sad, they’re part of your past. Don’t get bogged down. Use this time to look for clues or images to inspire creative expression.

JANUARY: Take stock of your resources from January 1st – 5th; this prepares you to dive right in by 6th. Try not to indulge in doubt regarding your creative passions from the 8th – 13th because it seems you’re feeling a lot better as your creative fire returns on the 18th – 22nd when celebrating with friends. We live in frenetic, chaotic times. Sometimes you seem like a candle flame – don’t put yourself where you can be blown out. Your light shines strong and clear on the 24th – 29th. It’s well worth protecting the flame.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 19  

Let your friends support you through confusion, December 1st – 7th. Things shift and what seemed confusing rearranges itself like pieces of a puzzle fitting in all the right places until the 21st. Preach to the converted – make your offerings in personal or professional realms to those who either ‘get’ you or would like to try.

JANUARY: You are as readable as a book from January 1st – 4th. Treat yourself with care and embrace the new beginning starting on the 6th even as you know you can’t control the externals; focus on mastering your own reactions. Be mindful of this from the 8th – 21st when triggers come from all sides: you’re not alone in feeling that the world isn’t your oyster. But don’t believe everything you think (a lot of which is based on past experience). Being in the here and now opens you to a beautiful dream on the 22nd, which is full of wisdom. Much is illuminated by the end of January when you are confidently aware of what is and isn’t possible. You have weathered a storm of sorts.


JAN. 20 to FEB. 18   

December 1st – 7th, confusion heats up regarding expectations, and just about nothing is accomplished. Things are illuminated from the 7th – 20th. By the 21st – 23rd you seem to know exactly what you do, don’t, can and can’t accomplish just at the moment. Nobody is listening to anybody on December 24th. You could help ease this situation by being a good listener, which means you hear a lot from the 24th – 30th. You’ll have a lot to say just in time for the New Year.

JANUARY: The New Year begins in earnest after the New Moon on the 6th. Before that you could just play your favourite games, including reading your best books and/or hanging out at your favourite café just watching the world go by. Frustrating details grow like weeds from the 8th – 20th. Best days for navigating this are January 14th – 18th. Inspiration lights up your life in the guise of a friend who challenges you to think, or an adventure on the 20th – 23rd. Do the math before you sign on to things, which might be too costly. It will be easier to see how to actually get what you want from the 24th – 31st. Sometimes the most fun is in the planning. Other times it’s best to dive in.


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20  

Stick to the path you are on, hopefully one that offers wisdom and reveals the world to you in a way you can bear, December 1st – 8th. Energy for all psychic revelation is strong but too much ambition makes it hard to interpret. The way forward requires that it be affordable, realistic, and good for the soul, which becomes more obvious from the 12th – 21st. Focus on feeling rather than communicating from the 23rd – 26th and avoid misunderstandings. By the 28th it’s another story, a better one. Bring in the New Year with creative imaginings that show you a more energetic and dynamic look at your relationship with money and resources.

JANUARY: Stay close to the friends you count on as you extend a sense of celebrating the New Year until January 5th. The energy for beginnings is stronger from the 6th. Nobody seems to want to do things your way from the 7th – 11th. Shake things up during the 12th – 20th, especially if you know what you really want. Salute the Super Moon on the 21st, even if down here on the ground there are some mighty frustrations. That moon reminds us that change is the only constant. Your abilities shine brightly when you share talent as well as wisdom from the 21st – 25th. Listen to your dreams on the 29th. They know something. You know it too.

About the Author
Julie Simmons is a practicing astrologer in Toronto. She would like you to understand that Sun Sign astrology has its strengths and its weaknesses. Take it lightly; use it as you will. For consultations call (416) 424-3079. Visit www.juliesimmons.ca