Sun Sign Predictions – November 2017


MAR 20. to APR 19  

This world moves fast and goes nowhere a lot of the time. But you have been learning all the time over the last year. Use all that you have learned for support from the 4th – 12th. Don’t be afraid to stand up for truth. What matters most, at least until the 20th, seems to be how you feel. Feelings are uncomfortable if you don’t trust them. The trick is in knowing it’s okay to feel and you don’t have to act, at least not immediately. It seems most of your feelings are generated by reactions to others. Don’t let them put you in charge of things that aren’t really your responsibilities. Expect a positive energy release between November 21st and 30th. Understanding combines with intuition, prompting you to take action, not from feelings but rather from a vision of how things could be.


APR. 20 to MAY 20   

Integrity is the better part of valour where Taurus is concerned. Speak up and out for what you deserve, especially on the job. It’s not your boss who needs to hear you but your co-workers between the 1st – 5th. Love is looking for you from the 7th – 16th. It’s full of surprises, not something you can just cosy up to just yet. Clarify your intentions from the 18th – 20th. If you find it too difficult to share your most tender feelings, it might be on account of past betrayals. Who you really need to trust is yourself. You know how you feel, you even know how you feel about another person’s feelings. Somehow this is easier to understand from November 24th – 30th.


MAY 21 to JUNE 21  

The meaning of life often seems elusive. We seek far and wide for spiritual direction, which can always be found in our lived life. It’s not the description of what we do that matters, it’s the doing. When life has meaning, you want to get up in the morning, you feel purposeful in the tasks of the day. It’s not about having fun, it’s about participating fully. Attend to your life as if it is your spiritual practice from the 1st – 4th. Plans fall into place between the 8th and 12th. Healing is a mystery, curing a function. To heal we must accept life and integrate our experience. It is a kind of initiation not a capitulation to process. Be humble in the face of this from November 12th – 17th. A seeming betrayal on the 19th generates considerable negative feeling but this healing habit you are fostering comes to your rescue on the 21st. Listen to the hopes and aspirations of others between the 24th – 30th. It will inspire you.


JUNE 21 to JULY 21   

What is love? What makes someone worthy of yours or vice versa? Do we earn it? Can we buy it? A boon of fertility in your house of love can indicate reproduction or/and creativity; maybe a new hobby. You choose. Take responsibility for your good fortune from the 1st – 11th. Be generous but discriminating on the 12th – 18th. It’s not your job to make everyone happy even if you do care about people. Happiness is something each of us must do for ourselves, an inner condition. This seems a painful truth from the 19th – 20th, but if you let nature take its course you will see that there is an opportunity here for deep acceptance followed by release of negativity from the past. The understanding of what you can, must, and will do on the job makes it easier to get it all done between November 23rd and 30th.


JULY 22 to AUG. 22   

Maybe there is a leak in the foundation of your home, or maybe it’s just time to dig into the past, your past, and recover the essence that empowers your life. Don’t shirk turning toward this. The rewards will be great. No one likes a leaky basement or to be stalked by the ghosts of times gone by. Feelings may seem overwhelming from the 1st – 5th, but you will not drown. Asking the right questions keeps you afloat. Inspiration and revelation combine from the 9th – 17th, and are translated through your creative vision. What you see is possible to achieve even if it’s a long-term project: Even if it seems impossible between the 18th – 20th. Hope transforms into determination from November 21st – 29th. You definitely want to take that ride.


AUG. 23 to SEPT. 22  

Some say that Virgos have a black belt in word karate. If this is you, sharpen your pencils and get to work. Survey the landscape of this issue from the 1st – 4th. If you aren’t a communicator perhaps you are a ‘maker’. Whatever you make or say, combine your sharp wit with a genuine inclination toward truth and it’s all good. By the 12th you have dealt with insecurities and those who undermine your efforts. A flood of awesome ideas and/or unwanted emails descends between the 13th – 18th. Do not be subverted by the emails. We, the people of Earth, are in awe, once again, at the misuse of power from the 19th – 20th. Say what you need to say; it will soften the outrage for yourself as well as others. A flood of reaction is diverted when you call on the deep wisdom you have access to and speak truth to power from November 22nd – 30th.


SEPT. 23 to OCT. 22   

The world, as we know it, exists by and large in our minds. If ever there was a time for you to engage the world with your body, this is it. The mind tells us danger is everywhere yet we feel safe enough walking down the street. Challenge yourself to differentiate these realities from the 1st – 4th, on the 9th, and especially on the 19th. If you haven’t a clue where to begin, maybe it’s time for some martial arts training. Open your mind to new ways of thinking about things between November 10th – 17th, or risk feeling quite left behind. All the good things you love to talk about are up for conversation from the 23rd – 30th. If it’s not happening right where you are, go find it where it lives. It’s worth leaving home for.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 21  

It’s about values from November 1st to 5th, which means it’s about what matters. It’s about who understands what you want and how hard you’re willing to work to get it. The best part is you might just get what you want from the 10th – 17th. Be gracious in receiving. A secret or unconscious impulse could get you in trouble between November 18th – 20th. A typical Scorpio event. Think before you speak, discuss things with a friend or write your thoughts. If you have no one to hash stuff over with, ‘Dear Diary’ is always a good idea. Someone who appreciates your beauty wants to serenade beneath your window between the 21st – 29th. Enjoy the adoration. Nothing lasts forever.


NOV. 22 to DEC. 21   

What makes you, you: The unique individual that you are today; no one is exactly the same – even those with an identical twin. Celebrate this uniqueness – inside and out, in yourself as well as others from the 1st – 12th. You are full of ideas after the 5th. Once you’re done celebrating, it’s time for reflection from November 14th to 18th. Social obstacles or lack of funds seem insurmountable on the 19th but this will not last, which becomes clear by 21st. Consumer consciousness strives to ‘have it all,’ which is impossible. What takes mastery is knowing how to stop grasping and be satisfied with enough. You benefit from application of such wisdom this month. Open your mind to all manner of creative ideas from the 23rd – 30th. You have the intelligence to do something with what you learn.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 19  

Doing what you must, behind the scenes and in the shadows, may seem a thankless task. At this point it’s preparation for something way less obscure, coming in 2018. Let this month be for dotting some ‘I’s’ and crossing some ‘T’s’, at least until the 18th but possibly longer. Bring your whole self to the party between the 1st – 5th. You don’t have to tell your story but you need to be present with all that you have experienced up to this point. No hiding. Amazing synchronicity, which happens between the 9th – 17th, has little to do with your efforts; except that of showing up as fully as possible. Let the Great Wheel Spin. Circumstances are out of your control from November 18th to 23rd. It’s never what you think. Things will be more fully understood between the 24th – 30th.


JAN. 20 to FEB. 18   

Friends mean a lot to you, whether you think you have them or not. When people matter, the real issue is kindness in the ways we interact. Let this be the force that infuses your connections from the 1st – 6th; if not always. You can’t control circumstances or events but you can be a full human being in your response when amazingly productive possibilities are revealed between the 9th – 13th. No need to grab on to them all at once. They are big and there will be costs. You’ll sort the whole thing out by the end of November as you get feedback from others who share the same goals. Step away from messy ethical questions that don’t really belong to you between the 18th – 21st. No need to borrow trouble. If a friend needs your support, wait until they ask for it between the 22nd – 30th.


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20  

When this world is too much to bear, where can you go? All escape hatches come with a price that can harm the body, dull the mind, or just plain cost too much. Be a seeker between the 1st – 4th. Not the kind who looks for answers, but the kind who looks for questions. Sooner or later all those questions take you to an ‘Aha!’ moment of realization. Be receptive to this from the 9th – 16th. Sit with what you see until November 18th at which time you might need to deal with some social difficulties – an unkind friend or a community in distress. It looks impossible at first but everything shifts between the 19th – 23rd. Now you are in charge and moving yourself and others forward. Share your ideas with a clear intention to make them manifest from the 24th – 30th.

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