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Sun Sign Predictions – February 2017

by Julie Simmons RSS Print

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MAR 20. to APR 20Back to Top

It may take the whole month but you are bound for breakthrough. There could be shards of emotional glass on the ground before you do.  You have to break some eggs to make an omelet. Someone has a whole lot of agenda for you 1st – 8th but you are hard to direct. Your joy in self-expression is strong 9th – 17th and your best people support that quality. The possibility of reaching goals is exciting and compelling 19th – 24th but there is huge effort that must be committed to as well. A Pandora’s Box opens after 26th. Don’t go it alone. Someone could be your partner if you’re willing to treat them as an equal. When Pandora opened her box of ills for humankind she also released the factor of hope. Cooperation not competition.


APR. 20 to MAY 21Back to Top

The world is made of stuff and space. Don’t be deluded into thinking it’s only stuff. You can polish and shine stuff till you wear yourself out but it’s space that lasts. Eccentric as it sounds, knowledge of this kind helps you achieve goals this month, particularly 9th – 11th. Our awareness of emptiness opens us to revelation and sudden understanding. We are then more receptive to unexpected situations. Openness fosters resilience which is useful in these unstable times. Anything can and does happen 13th – 21st. You’re ready for it but from 22nd it makes no sense. It doesn’t seem right or possible. Now is not the time to question or theorize. Now is time to embrace what feels like chaos, knowing it for what it really is: Change that is taking you, you-know-not-where.


MAY 21 to JUNE 21Back to Top

Overwhelming as it seems, even for you on 1st there is beauty in the too-muchness of the world if you step back from appearances and consider the consciousness that dances through what we call reality. Hang out with people who are more into energy than matter, who value beauty and creative process over product and all will be well. Meditators and artists are your friends. The conversation is excellent 9th – 21st if you’re in this groove. Either anger, which is a reasonable reaction to bad behavior; or rage, which is more closely related to fear-based anxiety, rise up 22nd – 28th. Wild as it may seem, you choose how you react. Let mindfulness and kindness for yourself as well as others be your MO and it’s amazing what happens.


JUNE 21 to JULY 23Back to Top

Cheer up. Winter’s half over and the obnoxious miscommunications on 2nd can teach you a lot from 9th – 21st if you let them. What do you need to learn about trust and sharing? Should you be more or less a person who trusts first and only doesn’t after it’s too late? I vote for you learning to trust yourself despite what your head tells you. You’re a water sign and it’s all about what you feel. The rock meets the hard place 22nd. No need for despair. Let go of people and their bad behaviors and focus on the tasks at hand. Everything changes and there’s no telling how, after 26th. That’s the time for action, ambition and breaking free.


JULY 23 to AUG. 23Back to Top

It’s easy to misconstrue 1st and 2nd. Be reasonable, keep breathing and you’ll find a kind of brilliant clarity 9th – 16th. For inspiration, look up at the sky on a cold, crisp night. A powerful meeting with a wise person at this time could also help you. Open your heart to someone who needs help 22nd, just for the good of it. Winter may be half over but it can feel bleak. Even if the world is rife with aggression and mad despair in places, the glittering diamonds above remind us that there is always light shining in the darkest night. For thousands of years our ancestors used those stars to navigate their inner and outer courses through life. A cry for help from an unexpected quarter after 26th challenges you to give more than you think you can. See it as a chance to practice compassion for yourself as well as others.


AUG. 23 to SEP. 23Back to Top

Sometimes life seems like it’s all work; nothing more than tasks to be accomplished but never time to appreciate the accomplishment: Especially in the dead of winter. The secret is loving the doing and believing in the need for it as you are accomplishing those tasks. It’s not because they are fun or take you somewhere but because the work is good and it makes the world a better place. Irrational people could make you laugh if you let them 7th – 13th. They say it’s the best medicine. Despite the demands of people and circumstance, good-natured acceptance of life maintains until 21st when love feels more like manipulation and you cannot put your trust in it. So don’t. Pay attention to what your hackles are telling you. The true motives of another will come to light after 26th. Action may be swift and direct. So be it. You will know what to do.


SEP. 23 to OCT. 23Back to Top

You never really can be sure what someone will do next. What’s most important is your reaction. Don’t rush to judgment 1st – 3rd. You’ll only change your tune 9th – 16th when you realize how little you really know of the other guy’s motives. People often do the wrong thing for the right reason. Everything seems possible 19th – 21st. There is a parallel reality. Ancient and powerful patterns that are hard to resist and foolish to deny are also in play. The bigger and more prolific a tree, the wider and more entrenched are its roots. So it is with you and all your relations. Engage with the challenges and confrontations even as you acknowledge the power that compels you and others from the past.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 22Back to Top

It’s unnerving to someone with the strong gut instincts of Scorpio when people make judgments based on flimsy versions of truth. You are easily distressed by gossip 1st – 6th. You get to the bottom of it after 7th by keeping focused on what matters most and not over-reacting. Enjoy 9th – 21st when you reap rewards for your capabilities and efforts on many fronts. Exciting and outrageously demanding events occur 22nd – 28th. You are ready for them because your desire to live in a world of actual truth is more important than the image of such things. Have no patience for false news, personal or political. Your efforts make quite a difference at this time.


NOV. 22 to DEC. 22Back to Top

Inflated people who think way too much of themselves are demanding too much from you 1st – 3rd. You don’t have to give them what they want. Wait it out. Things start to pick up 9th as intractable situations become less rigid. In fact it’s time to party and your friends agree 11th – 21st. Lovers or children can be angry 22nd – 27th. It’s your job to hold steady and to care about them until they sort things out. If they treat you in mean, nasty ways however, feel free to back off. You could think of it as irresponsible to let yourself be hurt. You, too are a treasure in this world and you came here as a Sagittarius to have adventures.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 20Back to Top

If only expectations weren’t so high 1st – 3rd you think you could manage your circumstances better. It’s totally possible that the expectations are yours alone, which makes them ambitions. Knowing this makes things easier. Nothing wrong with ambition but imagining that someone else wants you to want it intensifies the pressure. As things begin to get easier after the 8th you might consider what you really want, not just what you think you should want. Clarity emerges 11th – 21st as you understand how doing what gives you a sense of pleasure or fulfillment also serves your ambitions. Family upsets, past or present, activate your insecurities and fears 22nd. There isn’t much to be done except to stay calm and honest about what you feel. Shift happens 26th – 28th when radical change comes knocking on your door. What will you do?


JAN. 20 to FEB. 19Back to Top

To know the world as illusion is not the same as turning your back on its joys and sorrows. Fire does burn and there really is nothing as cozy as a good book on a dreary mid-winter day. The illusion is thinking it’s permanent. Your big trick is to see impermanence without disconnecting which is exactly what you want to do 1st – 7th. You exude an easy awe about life 8th – 17th; a willingness to share your wisdoms with any and all. This is a time of vigorous expression as well as learning; good for hanging out in the local café. Something out of your control challenges your assumptions 21st – 27th. Don’t freeze because you don’t know. Better to learn something new that could change everything and have great value once you ‘get it’.


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20Back to Top

We think we know the difference between a blessing and a curse but it’s not always obvious. The blessing is life. The curse is not realizing that life itself is the blessing. Pisces of all the signs is closest to this factor of grace. A trusted friend says something harsh 1st. It vanishes like smoke in a breeze after 7th. Let it. Do what you love be it cleaning, organizing or creating 9th – 12th. Real fun is not manic. The opportunity to make money or increase value is strong 16th but think ahead. What’s on offer is good but 22nd – 27th radical shift is in the air. In these unpredictable times, s/he who actualizes the moment benefits most. Living as if you’re blessed makes it so much easier.

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