Wu’s Head Massage for Relief from Insomnia

In a human’s life, one-third of the time is spent sleeping. This allows the body to rest and restore energy. But insomnia can cause weakness, slow reaction times and a loss of concentration. If insomnia continues, it will result in stroke or angina pectoris, blood pressure will increase by two times, cardiac arrest will increase by 6.08 times, and mortality rate will increase by two times.

Various major epidemiological investigations from different countries have shown that 33% of people suffer from occasional sleeping problems and 17% suffer from chronic insomnia. As modern society continues on, the intensity of life speeds up and the incidence of insomnia increases year to year. This causes serious problems in people’s lives, their work and health of mind and body.


In a recent study on the use of Wu’s Head Massage for insomnia, 139 different patients with insomnia were observed, starting from July 2005 to December 2006. All clinical diagnostics were based on the Chinese Neurosis Classification and the Diagnosis Standards according to the China Medical Association Neurology Department Academic Society (CCDM-2-R). Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics were based on the Clinical Research Guiding Principles set in 1993 by the National Medical Department Chinese Native Medicine New Medicine Treatment of Insomnia. In the studied cases, there were 65 men and 74 women – a ratio of 1:1.4. Ages were between 18 and 65 years old – the average age was 42.

Observations, comparisons and clinical testing were used throughout. The experimental group used Wu’s Head Massage, and the comparison group used Leg Massage to compare the difference between reactions. Before each group carried out their methods, information was compared and the results were equally balanced.

The observation targets that are academically recognized include: PSQI (sleeping quality index), SAS (anxiety index), SDS (despondent index) integral and a follow-up visit to assure completion of treatment.

Major targets: The Pittsburgh includes five different clinical testing, PSQI includes difficulties in deep sleep, waking up in the middle of the night, nightmares, sleep quality and the actual sleep time (hour) – SAS includes anxiety meters; SDS includes despondency levels.

Secondary targets: Observation after the first visit, and effect time and energy restoration after resting. According to insomnia characteristics, each group of patients makes a follow-up visit after 30 days, then an observation cycle of three weeks begins.


1) During initial treatment periods, only PSQI integral had differences, whereas anxiety and despondency levels did not have a big change. Between the experimental and comparison groups, the initial period did not have any difference.

2) As the number of treatments increased, not only did PSQI integral have differences, but anxiety and despondency levels also started to change. This showed that Wu’s Head Massage can be used to calm the mind and as treatment increases, improvements will increase.

3) From the entire treatment cycle (15 sessions), Wu’s Head Massage had an obvious effect on insomnia symptoms and improved sleep quality.

4) Follow-up visit shows that Wu’s Head Massage not only had an immediate effect, but it also had a long-term effect.

5) Looking at the safety appraisal, this method is effective and has no side effects.

6) Looking at the research as a whole, Wu’s Head Massage proved to be simple, practical, advantageous and worth promoting.


Wu’s Head Massage treatment worked effectively to alleviate insomnia, which advanced gradually with steady steps. In the initial period, only PSQI integral differences were noted, but despondency and anxiety changes were not significant. However, final treatment results were quite satisfying.

Unlike Western pharmaceutical medicine for insomnia, Wu’s Head Massage does not cause medical side effects such as dizziness, memory loss, unstable emotions and medicine reliance. It can help patients complete the sleeping pattern – moving from shallow sleep to deep sleep, and help the human body restore normal sleep quality. Many insomnia patients gradually stopped taking medicine and eventually no longer needed medical help at all after getting Wu’s Head Massage.

The effectiveness of this method is not only based on sleep time, but most importantly, it also helped patients regain cerebrum function improvements. After treatments, patients are more clear-headed, have quicker reactions, and increased memory and cognitive functions. Symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, clouded thoughts and so on are reduced. Even if sleep time has not been lengthened, it is still an improvement.

Regarding serious insomnia, recipients of Wu’s Head Massage did not at first show any significant improvements, even after 15 sessions of observation and treatment. Therefore, moxa, auriculotherapy and a specialized formula of Chinese tea were added to the treatment to help calm the mind, which resulted in good improvements. Along with the increased number of treatments, the differences of PSQI integral, SDS and SAS also had a distinct improvement. This proves that Wu’s Head Massage can calm the mind in accordance with the number of treatments that accumulate.

During the Wu’s Head Massage process, observation shows that patients from afternoon treatments had better results than morning treatments because of the body’s natural cycle.

To control insomnia, to improve one’s quality of life, to enhance work efficiency, and have a happy mood through the day is very important. As society’s development and social competition strengthens, pressures on people are gradually increasing. Sleep is essential to the human body in order to restore energy. If long-term sleep loss occurs, it can cause headaches, dizziness and unstable emotions that can affect appetite, digestive absorptions and so on (namely wood restricted Earth). An unbalanced diet can also aggravate loss of sleep, finally causing humans to decrease in original qi to lead to other illnesses such as common cold, tumours, cardiovascular and other multi-system symptoms. Therefore, the control of sleep is important in preventing and treating illnesses. Wu’s Head Massage provides a new method that is safe, practical and effective.

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