Woodford Files – July/August 2010

Wow! With a record total of 47 entries in Vitality’s Guide to Organics 2010, this has got to be our yummiest issue of the year. It’s exciting because this big honking Guide showcases the flourishing organic movement in Ontario. And its growth is thanks to you, the consumer who spends extra effort and money to support this important agricultural sector. Indeed, for those aiming to prevent disease or recover from it, organic foods can be a matter of life and death. So every time you choose organic over conventional, you’re adding your buying power to the organic industry, which in turn adds political clout to the clean food movement. Once again, the personal becomes the political.

In this month’s GMO Update, former Health Canada scientist Shiv Chopra adds fuel to the fires of protest against adulterated foods, and reminds us why we must be vigilant in avoiding these genetic atrocities.

As an added bonus, we have posted the transcript of an interview, conducted by Helke Ferrie with Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, on our website. Mr. Smith was a guest speaker at the recent Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference hosted by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association. To give you a taste, Helke Ferrie opens the discussion with the following statement:

“Yesterday, I was speaking to someone in Ottawa who is a lobbyist connected with agriculture. He informed me that the Canadian government has actively started moving towards outlawing farmers’ markets, and the Health Canada reps are going around to all the different counties providing ‘information sessions’ in which they tell people that this is happening for the safety of the public so that they can’t get sick from contaminated foods. Of course, they cite examples like [formerly tainted] Maple Leaf meats… [but] that was really about the lack of inspectors – the entire inspection system has been gutted by this government.” It’s a fascinating discussion, well worth your time to read online.

Overall, this issue of Vitality is bursting at the seams with information and resources to nourish your body and mind. Take us with you on your summer vacation, kick back, quaff a glass of organic wine, and read to your heart’s content. You won’t be disappointed.

Julia Woodford, Editor ~ Vitality Magazine


This just in from Helke Ferrie…

“The former Bill C-6, which replaced its previous incarnation in 2008, then known as C-52, has recently re-appeared in June as Bill C-36. As C-6 it met with overwhelming protest from the public; the Senate refused to pass it and tossed it back to Parliament with a long list of amendments. The current C-36 is identical to C-6 and contains none of the amendments which the Senate demanded. It went through first reading in mid-June but did not make it into second reading which is now tentatively scheduled for October. See my June article for information on how to protest C-36 and why it is so necessary to ensure this Bill does not become law.”

Meantime, have a terrific summer. We look forward to bringing you lots more thrills and chills in September.

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