Women’s Moon Lodge Circles

Mary sat on the edge of her little sister’s bed, sipping pretend tea out of a pink plastic cup. “Um, this really is delicious Rosie; can I have a bit more?”

Rosie was delighted that Mary would visit her for tea and shot up to serve her big sister. She loved her sister so much, especially today, as it was Mary’s 11th birthday. Rosie filled up Mary’s teacup and offered her a piece of make-believe birthday cake. Mary was a perfect guest and offered to sit at the little table and chair set to eat her cake with the rest of the guests. She joined Dolly, Teddy the Bear and Fluffy the Bunny.

As she sat down to enjoy her sister’s effort in putting together such a wonderful birthday party, she noticed the place she had been sitting on Rosie’s bed was now spotted with blood. Mary was surprised yet strangely delighted and asked her sister to go get their Mother. Mary sat still for a moment, unsure of what to do but knew that when Mom came she would fix everything. It was her Mom that had shared with her about the ‘Time of the Blood’.

Mom walked into the room and immediately saw the blood on Rosie’s bed. She glanced over at Mary with a knowing smile. She slowly pulled the blanket up and drew it into her arms for laundering. At that moment, Rosie saw the blood on her bed sheets and started to panic, but before she got too upset her Mom interjected. “Rosie, don’t get all upset… Remember when I talked to you girls about ‘becoming a woman’? Well, this is the time for your sister; she has come into her ‘Moon Time’. This is a very special occasion for her, so for right now, so I need to talk to her alone.” Mary’s mom stood up and walked arm-in-arm into the bathroom with her, leaving Rosie to her tea party.

Rosie was only seven and although her Mother had explained the ‘Moon Time’ to her, she was still slightly worried for Mary. It seemed scary turning into a woman; what exactly did that mean? Rosie had visions of Mary dressed in a three piece suit going off to work with a baby in her arms. She imagined Mary telling all her friends that she could not come out to play anymore because she had to cook and clean. She thought for a moment about all the toys she would inherit from her sister’s collection. Rosie envisioned herself hugging all of Mary’s Barbies and for a brief moment she was excited with the thought of becoming the proud owner of Mary’s finest toys. She then realized that the tea party Mary and she had just enjoyed was probably their very last, and finally Rosie started to cry. She threw herself on her bed with all her stuffies. She promised Teddy, Fluffy and Dolly that she would never grow old enough to come into her ‘Moon Time’, that she would never give them away and that she would always love them dearly. She almost crushed them with her heartfelt commitment as she cried herself into a deep sleep waiting for her mom and Mary to come back to the tea party.

Rosie fell into the dream-time almost immediately. She dreamt about being a Fairy Queen- she held a big wand with a crystal ball on the end that was showing her the future. She could see a group of young woman crying, laughing and hugging. The Fairy Queen listened carefully to their conversation.

She heard them talking about the “RED MOON TIME” that had taken place just the other day. Since then, each of them had strangely developed a sort of gift; a super strength! The oldest girl in the group explained how she could empathically feel people’s pain. Her best friend was creating a beautiful tapestry of a Wolf and a Native Princess. She shared that she had never before been able to do such fine work. Another shared that she could psychically tune into everyone’s thoughts and their future. Another noticed that she was like a good luck charm to everyone that touched her in a kind way. One of the girls was dancing so beautifully and fluently; every movement was in synchronicity with the heartbeat of the Mother Earth. One of the sisters seemed very angry; she could feel peoples’ envy and hatred. She didn’t like it and she wanted it to go away.

One of the young women was really sad and was curled up into a ball crying quietly. When the girls asked what was wrong, she replied that she could see ever tragedy that would happen in the world. The last young woman stood up and raised her arms towards the sky and started to pray aloud asking the Creator to heal the entire group of young woman and allow each to come into their power with grace and acceptance. As she did this, everyone started to feel better; they where amazed that the prayer worked so quickly. The young healer admitted that she was only capable of this healing power since the RED MOON.

Mary and her Mom woke Rosie from her sleep; as they both lay down on the bed surrounding and cuddling her, she immediately felt better. She remembered her dream message and although she was just beginning to understand, one thing she knew was that she would never be alone for long because she had her women folk to depend on. They would always be there when she needed their guidance and advice. She knew they would always understand, support and love her unconditionally.

Rosie felt safe now; she thought she finally knew what ‘becoming a woman’ really meant. It did not just mean having babies, cooking, cleaning, getting married or working full-time. The depth of ‘becoming a woman’ was really an awesome, empowering journey. She was excited to tell them of her dream. They lit up with wonder and delight as Rosie shared what she remembered.

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