The Sacred Marriage from Within

A Journey Through the Archetypal Wisdom of the Inner Landscape to Seek the Divine Masculine and Feminine

The Archetypal wisdom of The Divine Feminine and Masculine are the gateways or portals to the Sacred Marriage From Within. In a culture that is continuing to look outward for personal, gain or satisfaction, the mythic world of the soul’s Inner-landscape is a sacred pilgrimage and one of life’s greatest adventures.

The dance between the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine is a journey through layers of cultural and karmic overlays. When we speak of feminine and masculine we need to prefix the word “divine” in front of these words, for energetically our world is about the dance of these two sacred energies. Our personal and cultural karma is our inaccurate perceptions and dysfunctions regarding principles of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine frequencies.

Our goal in the pursuit of the sacred marriage from within is to realize that we are seeking a vibrational frequency of truth that has nothing to do with gender or culture. Our interpretation is key to moving beyond the limitations of our emotional and mental belief systems. Unresolved feminine/masculine issues, i.e. father, mother, sister, brother, to name a few will impede the journey of an outward union or relationship. Therefore, the archetypal journey begins to take on new significance when we begin to comprehend that we can choose differently from our collective paradigm.

With archetypal healing, we allow ourselves to put on a hat or assume a new identity. The word archetype means an original model or prototype. The image is important for it carries a vibrational imprint similar to homeopathic remedies and flower essences. Through ceremony, ritual, sound, colour, meditation, and drums, the foundation tools for the Shamanic Journey, we can begin to dance with the multifaceted crystal that represents our Soul. By allowing ourselves regular opportunity to go inward we begin to dialogue with parts of ourselves that need to be witnessed and acknowledged before they can be transformed into archetypal frequencies more appropriate to our Earth Walk.

In the Shamanic tradition, the archetypal wisdom of the inner landscape is paramount to understanding the wisdom of the soul. For when we begin to conceptualize the inner marriage within we begin to work in concert with the energetic laws of nature. What emerges is the essence of our true vibrational frequency, which establishes where the personality is in relationship to the soul’s journey.

Archetypes are unlimited. Everyone is different. Each of us is here to dance in the way that is unique to us. The following are some of the archetypes I have met on my own journey as a Shaman and Priestess to The Divine Mother and Father. In the inward journey of the soul, we celebrate the light and the dark. The shadow illuminates that which needs to be healed. The light guides and indicates direction. Remember: Do not judge, for everything in the end is divine.

The Patriarchal Dark Father:  He is the energy of totalitarianism, the authority figure, all about manipulation and control. The Dark Father sees the feminine energy as less than himself. In reality he is afraid of the power of the feminine vision; deep down he understands that in the face of Her love, nothing can be deceived. He is deception, control, manipulation and loss of innocence through senseless acts of violence and brutality. This energy is not male. It is a disease because of the suppression of the divine feminine and divine masculine principles. It is a raging illness that culturally and individually it is time for us to let go of. Stop seeing this archetype as the masculine. Be brave and watch what happens.

The Good Son:  He is the son and henchman of the Dark Father. Often the one to do the dirty work. He never takes responsibility for anything. It is never his fault. He is just doing his job. He’s not the boss and he doesn’t make policy; but boy can he implement it. Diligent and effective, he has often been brutalized by the Dark Father. Seeking his love and approval, he looses himself in the process of never obtaining it. Often he will evolve into the Dark Father through bitterness, attachment to external validation and lack of unconditional love and acceptance. He is part of the patriarchal illness. He is Not of the Divine Masculine Principle

The Sun King:  The first archetype that reflects the natural order of Divine Masculine Energy he is the illumination of the wisdom of the Sacred Masculine. He hears the Divine Mother’s insight and direction and comes up with a plan. He is never depressed and never feels like it can’t be done. He is the wind beneath your sails; there is nothing that you can’t do. He is warmth, compassion and unconditional in his wisdom and love. He celebrates the dance between the feminine and masculine principles and is honoured in the Celtic tribal traditions through the Eight Festivals, i.e. Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, and Autumn Equinox.

The Merlin: He is gatekeeper to the Sacred Mysteries. He is of the Earth but travels extensively in the other worlds. He is like the veil or mist, seen but not seen. He is known to appear at the right time only to disappear again. His Power and Wisdom lie in his ability to facilitate a reclaiming of our personal power. He is dedicated to the releasing of the suppressed feminine and masculine principles; and is ever present in the journey. Winter and Autumn are his favourite seasons.

The Mad Mother: She is the feminine aspect of the patriarchal illness, the suppressed feminine. She is RAGE and PAIN. She has learned to manipulate and control with the best of them.  She will wilfully hurt so that others can feel the pain too. She is the collective and individual. Do not be AFRAID of her. Through LOVE and expression of suppressed feelings she can be transformed.

The Caged Bird: She is the victim energy. She has given her power to the Dark Father and the Good Son. She has forgotten who she is for she no longer remembers that she has choice. She believes in the box and all of its limitations. Others tell her what to do and she has become so terrified she no longer leaves the safety of her cage. She will manifest in both men and women. She is often ill for she does not allow the natural creative energies to surface. She is the Queen of passive-aggression. The range of her power will depend on how long the condition has existed. Find a good therapist and open the cage. You are much stronger than you think.

Morgainna High Priestess of the Healing Arts: Morgainna is a loyal and faithful servant to the Goddess, the Divine Mother. A healer and priestess to the Woman’s Sacred Mysteries. Morgainna understands that sometimes sacrifices are part of the Earth Walk and that acceptance and trust in this process compels us forward. She connects us to the movement and the wisdom of the Earth Mother and is a friend and ally to the Fairies and the little people of the forest. Morgainna is Em-power-ment.

Gaia Mother Goddess: Giver of Life Gaia is the Creation Story. She embraces the teachings of the great circle and invites us deep into the mysteries of our soul. She supports and reminds us of the circle of wisdom that is our own incarnation story. She is the Record Keeper of all of our lifetimes. She holds the wisdom and magic of our next steps. Gently with love and great compassion, she supports us in our personal empowerment and healing journey.

The Prince Consort: He is the counter part to the High Priestess. He is that part of ourselves that emerges only after we re-claim the Divine Feminine within. The Prince Consort remained trapped in the Netherworld (not of the spirit world and not of the earth world) helpless to act when the Dark Father seized control of the Earth Mother. His role is to facilitate and support the energies of the Divine Feminine. For it is the High Priestess Morgainna who rescued him from the Netherworld. Aspects of him have emerged throughout history as in the Knights of the Round Table. He represents the ideal of youthful gallant, self-sacrificing for the greater cause, male energy. He is the Stag Prince.

The Gentle Sage: He is the Divine Male in action. He knows what to do and he does it. Rarely acknowledged for his wisdom or actions, he is a constant surprise, for he can shape shift to meet the needs of any situation that evolves on the Earth Plane existence. Other examples are the Green Man, Herbal Wisdom and The Green Fire.

The Gentle King: He is the wise and tolerant ruler. Representing the Soul’s resources, he is able to tap into the Akashic Records. He understands and reflects a love for humanity even when they don’t deserve it. For the Gentle King is wise to the ways of the world and will always act as an example, never using force or control. The gentle King embodies the will of the One Heart, One Understanding, One Teaching. (e.g., Acknaton, and King Arthur)

Spider Woman: As the Weaver of Life she understands the totality of all things. Even the most difficult lessons and learning’s will through the passage of time reflect and illuminate greater understanding of the Path. She is the holder of oral traditions and through her web reflects the pattern/design of the two-legged traditions. She is The Wise Woman Crone aspect of the collective feminine consciousness.

Sylina Keeper of the Lost Wisdoms: Sylina is the mermaid of the sea who weaves the song lines of the creation story and the movement of the feminine psyche. Sylina is the cornucopia of Women’s Mysteries and the power f the unexplained. Through the activation of the earth grid via the star people she embodies the creation story emerging via the ascension path or what is known to many as the Great Awakening

The Teachings of Christ

Christ-Buddha-Krishna: If you have difficulty with religious or philosophical teachings than do not use this archetype until you are ready. There is so much separation and duality that has been caused by the misinterpretation of The Ascended Masters Teachings. Focus on the Teachings of Christ; not on the Church or other organized realities. Unresolved issues with church and state may come up. The Christ-Buddha-Krishna archetype is one of my best friends. This archetype is an unbelievable source of inner-strength resources and inner peace and is represented by the colour gold. This energy says:  I am learning to love and be loved. I am worthy of receiving love and support and abundance in all area’s of my life. Set your spirit free and trust the deeper wisdom’s of love and acceptance.

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