Spring Forward With The Oneness Meditation

Up to now, the Oneness Blessing has been a one on one process. Starting in 2012, it is now available, on a worldwide basis, as a group process called the Oneness Meditation.

No beliefs, teachings or philosophies are required or taught at this powerful session. In fact, during this process not a single word is spoken. While in a deep state of meditation in front of the audience, the Oneness guide is filled with divine energies and a transformative blessing floods into the room. This is happening in Stockholm, Johannesburg, Beijing, New York, Auckland – and this spring in Toronto.

In Southern India, there is a very well respected spiritual school called Oneness University. For many years, leaders from every major religion, faith and spiritual path have sent their dignitaries to experience a spiritual phenomenon called the oneness blessing. Spiritual processes awaken the kundalini and enliven the chakras, which leads to higher states of consciousness. These higher states of consciousness lead to deep insights. The deep insights lead to changes in the brain, which eventually accumulate for a very big shift to happen in the mind, which is called awakening.

In ancient times, when the master you were affiliated with saw that your body was well prepared, they would give a special blessing. In this special blessing, called a deeksha, you received a divine transfer of energy, which turned on the engine of spiritual awakening for YOU!

The purpose of spiritual awakening is to end what the ancients call the conflicted mind. Children are happy each moment. They’re free from the conflicted mind. They are free from incessant chatter that gives rise to tremendous amounts of emotions.

For adults, all the time, there is a talker in the head. That talker is commenting on every little thing you are doing. As you’re eating dinner, yes it’s telling you that this dinner is OK but yesterday’s dinner was better, and you shouldn’t be eating so much dinner, but maybe you should be giving yourself a break, maybe you should have some more dinner. All the time, the mind is battling back and forth. The conflicted mind is a big burden and there is not much you can do about it, because that conflicted mind is actually you.

Spiritual awakening is where awareness starts moving to the forefront and the conflicted mind actually moves off into the distance. The mind still operates like the mind. But instead of having a head set with music blaring into your ear all day long, it’s as though it was taken off and put far away. It plays its role, but it is no longer the one governing every single moment of your life trying to tell you how it is.

The ancients understood that you can’t do anything about the mind because you yourself are this thinker. You can’t get yourself out of prison because you are actually the bars of the prison. To get out of this prison, it has to be given. There has to be grace – and that was the role of the eye Deeksha which is part of the new Oneness meditation.

What happens at the Oneness Meditation?

First, you do an ancient yogic breathing practice to raise your kundalini. A man from Denver shared, after the eye deeksha, “My kundalini has been running consistently and strongly all week. Still there is heat filling my brain. Thank you so much!” Secondly, the Oneness guide closes their eyes and moves into a deep meditation. At a certain point, they open their eyes and look directly at you. And you simply look back. Lots of things could happen inside of you, or maybe nothing at all. If laughter comes up, laugh. If tears come up, just cry. If anger comes up, be angry. If you aren’t feeling anything, stay with that experience.

Whatever it is, stay with it. Just go through the experience. Eventually, the Oneness guide gradually closes their eyes. At that point, close your eyes and move into meditation.

The third step, just be in silence and connected to your Divine. Just experience whatever is going on inside of you. Even if it’s not much, or even if it’s a big experience for you, or even if it is an uncomfortable experience, whatever it is, today is the day you’re going to stay with what’s going on.

It’s very, very important to let the Divine grace soak in. This 15 minutes where you are in silence experiencing whatever is there, is the essence.

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