Sacred Journeys – May 2005

If you are single and longing for a significant other (rather than just a lover), read on. The following is a user-friendly “how-to” account.

My roommate and I began some foundation work throughout the fall season and then added the final magical ingredient in January. Now both of us have found mates, within days of each other.

The heart of the magic is in talking to your Beloved each day, starting now. Marry this with an unshakable belief that someone is out there for you. Speaking to them each day will end any sense of separation and longing, and replace it with a sense of connection and intimacy.

Now to the details: It all began in late January. My roommate suggested we begin speaking with our beloveds, calling them “Beloved” as the poet Rumi does; that when speaking to Creator and or a lover, we honour them. By honouring them we begin to care for them before they arrive. We drop any sense of despair, futility, resentment or cynicism we may have gathered thus enabling the possibility of a happy healing relationship. (I felt both the power of the suggestion and my discomfort with the word “beloved.”)

A week later, while walking one sunny winter day along an ice-covered pond, I rested against a snowy beaver lodge and began my dialogue with the Beloved. I let him know I was ready and equally patient and impatient about meeting him. I kept up the conversations over the next week or two. Then I attended a wedding, appropriately taking place on Valentines Day. There he was and he had all the qualities I had asked for on my list. (The list is another part of the foundation work.)

Before applying the “talking to the beloved” element my roommate and I were addressing similar issues, which I refer to as the foundation work. Number one is seeing yourself in dialogue with the power of creation; that you are an expression of God/ Goddess/ That Which Is, and that you, by that same birthright, are creating a reality for yourself. Number two is knowing that what you say and how you say it affects how you manifest.

I “need” a relationship. I “hope” I fall in love are all weak-kneed, victim-based statements that create “needs” rather than results. Good primers for how to affirm and manifest in your dialogue with Creation are Gregg Braden’s chapter on Right Use of Prayer in The Isaiah Effect and Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. So drop the negative self-talk and start being positive about what you want to create, trusting, absolutely, that it is coming because you are a co-creator.

Knowing yourself to be an integral part of creation also makes you aware of your “deservability,” which is the third essential to your foundation work. It will affect how you construct your list of what you are looking for in a partner. Keeping in mind that like attracts like (you may be interested in different things but your resonant vibration will be similar), you are not going to attract someone who is loving and generous if you are not that way toward yourself. Be to yourself what you would have another be to you, so that you become an expression of what you seek.

Likewise, if you ask for qualities that are impossible to achieve then you won’t meet them until you have likewise achieved perfection; let them be healing wounds so that you can have some of your own. Feel free to get specific: height range, job type, age range.

The next phase, after constructing the list, is knowing that it is done, and that they are now coming. Start to visualize how they feel about you, see yourself out enjoying things together, feel yourself loving and being loved. This visualizing aspect is vital. The deeper you imagine yourself in the relationship, the stronger the ripple of intention you send into the womb of creation. Two primers to help you understand your power to manifest through words of intention and deep visualization are: Dreamhealer 2 by Adam, and The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto.

If you are not sure what you would like to draw to yourself, don’t make a list. Instead just be nice to yourself, do things that bring you joy, that give you confidence, that ground you in the infinite. Start talking to the beloved by saying, “Hi beloved” to a bird outside your window, or a favourite tree, or a warm breeze that caresses you, or the water in your tub.

When you are ready you’ll start talking to the one you’ve been waiting to meet, and their energy will in turn face yours. Even from a distance your connection with them will raise your vibration.

The first time my new friend came up to visit we went for a walk on that same ice-covered pond. He lay down to rest on the beaver lodge in the sunshine, on the same spot I had begun my conversation with him. He opened his happy arms to enfold me and I knew he was my beloved. I have been grinning ever since. Please report back with your own success stories!

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