Letters to the Editor – October 2011


Dear Premier McGuinty,
I am writing to you as a medical science writer whose readership, primarily through Vitality Magazine, includes about 65,000 Ontario residents who have read my lead articles published every month for the past 12 years.  This readership is concerned with the health of people, animals, and the Earth. The Green Energy legislation that your government has pursued is insupportable under our Charter, international human rights law, and especially the science that fails to underpin that policy. It does not serve the public, and I hate to think what this legislation really does serve. I want an assurance that this legislation will be repealed completely after the election on Oct. 6, and that you will start from scratch all over again.  And this time any Green Energy Act better support, first and foremost, human and animal health. Here are my two most important points:
1) Starting in 2007, I became seriously ill: cataracts in one eye, thyroid damage requiring medication, non-stop 24/7 headaches controllable only with daily pain killers, frequent nausea and insomnia. I believe all of this was caused by the Smart Meter installed in my home without my knowledge. Its radiation is known to be about 1,000 times stronger than that emitted by cell phones, which were declared a Class 2 carcinogen by the World Health Organization this year. I know it was the Smart Meter that did all this to me because the symptoms began in 2007 when it was installed. Since then, I have obtained the scientific proof that these symptoms were caused by the Smart Meter’s type of pulsing radiation – proof that has been available since the 1940s, when this technology was developed. From 2007 to mid-2011, I was unable to walk into my living room because of the intense head pain caused by just moving into that area of the house. I also had to start sleeping in the basement to be able to sleep at all. An electrical engineer told me that the cause must be the Smart Meter. I had it removed and placed on a tree about 200 yards from the house – at my cost – because I am able to do so, living in the country. People in subdivisions cannot do so and get the full-blast radiation, not only from the Smart Meter on their own houses, but from all the other ones around them. within about four months of the removal, all my symptoms disappeared. Even the cataracts in my right eye have shrunk.  I am not an unusual case – many people in North America are fighting this technology. Last month, certain areas of California were given the right to return to analog metering. The class-action suits these Smart Meters will engender will cause governments overwhelming grief. And imagine what this will do to health care costs! It boggles the mind!
2) The same Green Energy legislation is responsible for the ill-conceived, scientifically unsupported, and economically absurd support of those mega-wind farms. The international scientific and public health community has produced overwhelming evidence to show that this technology causes harm to human health (primarily through insomnia), harm to animals, and harm to the environment. This is simply unacceptable.
I will be perfectly frank: I have never voted Conservative in my 40 years of voting in Canada, federally or provincially. For the first time, I am prepared to vote Conservative in the upcoming Ontario election because Tim Hudak has committed himself to stopping the destruction of people and the environment by Smart Meters and wind turbine farms. A new process must be initiated that really involves the public, including their right to refuse what the government proposes, and ensures that policy is based on independent science, not pseudo-science funded by industry. I want whatever government emerges after Oct. 6 to really fulfill its duty to care for the health of citizens first.
Sincerely, Helke Ferrie


Thank you so much for your honouring of Jack Layton and your questioning of the Western medicine’s “cut, burn and poison” approach to cancer and other diseases (Woodford Files, September 2011).
Like many people, I have been trying to deal with the seemingly senseless tragedy of Jack’s death by focusing on his legacy, his final words of love, hope and optimism, and the tremendous energy and connection he has stirred.
His funeral service, which I attended, was life-altering, especially in the way it brought us, many total strangers, together to cry, to love, to hope, to dance, to sing, to honour all traditions and cultures. It was beautiful, and it has sustained me, along with many others, I am sure.
But while reading your editorial, I just had to give in to the grief I feel for a man who so totally loved and respected life. Jack was cut down abruptly and tragically, possibly because our medical system does not offer treatment choices beyond “cut, burn and poison.”
I watched my father, also a very kind, generous and loving man, die after going through the horrors of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy at age 58. It just makes me cry to think how many are still suffering the same end to their lives.
Yes, we Vitality readers do know there are many options and possibilities for healing available to us now. My question, which I currently have no answers for, is: “How do we bring that knowing, that awareness of a kinder, non-invasive, loving way of healing, into the political arena where all of the crucial decisions about health care are made?” Complicating matters is the fact that we ‘alternative types’ tend to have more sensitive, nature-loving, non-intrusive personalities, with the result that we might not find the political arena especially appealing!
But Jack’s death and the inspiration he left behind have really stirred me to think about the ways in which I can support the healing of our current health care system.
Thank you Julia and Vitality Magazine for the information and inspiration you continue to supply, along with the vision of a better way of caring for ourselves.
Barbara Sauve, Toronto

www.barbarasauve. blogspot.com


Thank you for your opinion regarding cancer treatment, expressed in the September 2011 Woodford Files! Hopefully, Canadians will be successful in standing up to authorities and demanding that alternative treatments be available in the mainstream. Unfortunately, not everyone who is diagnosed with cancer reads Vitality – which leads them to follow their doctor’s instructions blindly.
Raffi Nacachian,

Naka Herbs & Vitamins Ltd


I recently found out that Canadian companies import cat and dog fur from China, the Philippines and Taiwan.
In Canada, it’s legal to import and sell cat and dog fur. No labeling is required under the Canadian Textile and Labelling Act. The skins are used to make fur trim on coats, toys, hats and figurines. These goods are being sold in department stores, dollar stores, and corner stores.
The Humane Society of the United States estimates over two million dogs and cats are raised and killed for their fur. Some pets are even stolen from their owners. Several animal protection organizations claim that fur exporters have skinned animals while they are still alive.
The U.S. and the E.U. have already banned cat and dog fur, but not Canada. Why? Canada’s former Minister of International Trade, David Emerson, said in a letter: “Adopting an import ban on dog and cat fur … could undermine Canada’s case against implementation of import bans imposed on Canadian seal products.”
Visit http://www.furbearerdefenders.com. Also, contact your MP and ask them to ban the import and sale of dog and cat fur, and to make the labelling of all fur products mandatory. And please don’t buy fur.
Lucy Kovaliv


My documentary film Operation: Emotional Freedom – The Answer is the inspiring story of the successful treatment of combat veterans and their families diagnosed with post traumatic stress – PTSD. The documented and tested therapy recorded in this film is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.
Although the film is receiving praise all over the world, I find that my work to present this incredible story of hope for war veterans, as well as my other videos on the treatment of the orphans of genocide in Rwanda and young cancer patients in Mexico, goes largely unknown here in my home country.
EFT is proven successful on many health care fronts, but few in Canada realize that myself and a few highly trained and experienced Canadian practitioners are at the forefront of using it and profiling it to others all over the world.
This November 11th, as communities the world over honour veterans who served in war, the 11/11 PTSD and Trauma Awareness Day Event will be coming to communities in Canada and in over 10 countries as a result of this film and its reaching out to inform and comfort those who have had little help in overcoming their emotional reactions to war. The event is a 21st century response to the aftermath of war – dealing with the legacy of pain, guilt, anger and depression. Where medicines only add further suffering to subjects, alternatives exist that are safe, inexpensive and carry no side effects.
Those interested can find out more about the event. Watch the film and learn about EFT by checking in to the event Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/OPERATION-Emotional-Freedom or the film’s website http://www.operation-emotionalfreedom.com. Anyone seeking more information on the use of energy psychology for trauma and PTSD is welcome to contact me for free information and help.
Eric Huurre, Producer, eric@skywriter.ca

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