Homeopathy For Childhood Asthma

Many people suffer from asthma, which can be caused by various factors. Asthma is characterized by a constriction of the airway tubes, swelling of the membrane of the lungs and production of thick mucous. Common causes of this inflammation are food or inhalant allergies, smoking, pollution, poor nutrition, anxiety, and bacteria, fungus and viruses. The lungs’ major job is to exchange gases between the environment and the blood. They work to infiltrate the blood with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. The lung also acts as a sieve to trap harmful substances from reaching the circulation such as small clots.

Some supplements that are useful in treating asthma are essential fatty acids (such as omega 3s found in fish oils) which help to inhibit inflammation. Vitamins A, B6, B12, C and E have also been reported as beneficial for respiratory disorders. If you are taking prescription medications, be sure to check with your health practitioner to ensure there are no contraindications.

Homeopathy is a safe and gentle method of treating any disease. Remedies are matched to the individual’s symptoms rather than a disease name. The remedies have no side effects or contraindications, unlike herbs or vitamins, because they are very diluted. The following are common homeopathic remedies for asthma. If you do not suit these remedies, seek the help of a professional homeopath.

You can take the following remedies in a 12CH to 30CH potency: two pellets under the tongue, twice daily between meals.

Metallicum Album (Arsenicum Album) is a useful asthma remedy for those who feel worse after midnight and cannot lie down from fear they will suffocate. They must sit or bend forward to breathe and can be quite anxious and restless but extremely tired. They may feel better sipping hot tea or water and worse with cold drinks and cold air. They typically desire hot drinks and food.

Bryonia Alba is a remedy used for extremely dry mucous membranes. Persons with this condition typically have a dry, hacking and unproductive cough. They may feel worse when inhaling and coughing, which can bring on a terrible headache. They also may have sharp or stitching pain in the lungs and a desire to lay still to prevent more pain from movement. They are very thirsty types and can be quite irritable.

Ipecacuanha is a helpful remedy for breathing difficulties that occur with minimal exercise. These individuals have a terrible wheezing, shortness of breath and anxiety in the stomach region and can be sensitive to a warm moist atmosphere. They have an awful blue pallor from lack of oxygen, difficult respiration and feel as if they are choking. There is a rattling of mucous in the lungs – the person feels suffocated and may even throw up mucous. This remedy can also be useful in an acute attack of asthma.

Kali Carbonicum is a remedy useful for people who suffer from asthma at night between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. They feel better sitting up, bending forward or rocking. They have a dry, spasmodic cough that is productive, and loose mucous in the throat that can incite gagging. These types have difficulty swallowing; therefore, food becomes lodged in the throat.

Natrum Sulphuricum is good for people who have asthma that is worse in wet, damp environments (such as cellars and rainy weather). They feel a shortness of breath that is worse in humidity and wet weather. They have green-coloured sputum and a tendency towards pneumonia. The chest can be sore and these types can be seen clutching their chest with both hands during an attack. Dulcamara types are quite similar to Natrum Sulf because they are worse in wet weather and their cough creates shortness of breath. However, Natrum Sulf seems to be more sensitive to moulds and often will have loose bowels after an asthma attack.


When I first started homeopathy, I had an interesting case that involved chronic cough with asthma. This case presented all the symptoms of one particular remedy, so it is an excellent example to show how such a simple homeopathic prescription can relieve someone’s suffering. The case is as follows:

A 12-year-old boy came to see me; his mother was upset with him taking steroid puffers and antibiotics “like water”, as she claimed He has had asthma since he was five. They are unsure what brought it on.

Whenever “David” gets a cold it goes right into his chest. In the week prior he was taken to emergency for treatment of an acute asthma attack. He has a history of pneumonia, asthma and lung infections and has been treated with steroid puffers, oxygen therapy and antibiotics. He has no family history of lung problems or allergies.

His presenting symptoms at the initial consultation were coughing up thick mucous and wheezing. His wheezing was worse in a cold environment or when he inhaled cold air. At 3 a.m. he would wake up every few hours, feeling choked by thick mucous. At these times, he felt he must sit up and bend forward to get more air. He felt the phlegm in his throat sitting behind the sternum. His gag reflex was stimulated by this phlegm. This reflex is easily stimulated by many things, such as visualizing something or swallowing. This occasionally caused him to throw up.

He tended to get a bursting headache from coughing. He has a serious personality and is interested in rules and regulations, which is unusual for a young person. He is very diligent in his studies and is doing well in his school work. I prescribed the remedy Kalium Carbonicum, based on his presenting symptoms, in a 30CH potency: two pellets twice daily for five days.

After the five days, his mother called to say his asthma had improved but he was coughing up “tons” of greenish yellow sputum. The boy had a severe headache. He had not been wheezing at all and was sleeping through the night. I saw this as release of mucous from the bronchioles and a good sign. Although usually green or yellow sputum constitute an infection, I recommended he take Kalium Bich: 30CH every two hours for the rest of the day and call me the next morning. Kalium Bich is typically good for that thick dark, green or yellow sputum.

On receiving his mother’s call, I heard that the boy had recovered well overnight. He coughed up clear mucous by evening. The coughing was less and the sputum less frequent. I recommended she redose on the Kali Bich twice daily for three days. On the fourth day, his mother phoned to say that her son was doing well and had not needed a puffer in the past few days. I speak to his mother from time to time socially and her son is now 19 and asthma free.

Not all cases respond so quickly to the stimulation that homeopathy has on the vital force. However, children typically do very well with homeopathy and rapid cures ensue. So many children are put on steroids to which there are many health consequences. Many alternatives to this harsh therapy are available and should be exhausted before seeking such strong drug treatment. It is amazing how quickly children respond to homeopathy. They are perfect candidates to highlight the rapid healing magic of the minimum dose.

Do not hesitate to seek immediate emergency care if you are having an acute asthma crisis.

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