International Cuisines

The Tart Taste of Sumac

February 1, 2016

Middle Eastern Condiment Adds Zing to Winter Meals (Editor’s note: According to The Plant Encyclopedia[1], the name Sumac can apply to any one of 250...

Peasant Comfort Foods for Deep Winter Dining

February 1, 2014

My favourite vegetarian dishes, the ones that I turn to for comfort during our long, cold winters, are mostly the same dishes we enjoyed as...

Marvellous Miso: Nourishes, Detoxifies, and Heals

May 1, 2013

Miso, an ancient staple in the Japanese diet, has gained popularity in the West in recent decades as a remarkable health-giving food. In times past,...

Spices of North Africa Come to Life in Tunisian Cuisine

March 1, 2013

The red-hot embers kept us barely warm as we huddled around a Tunisian earthenware qanoun (tiny stove) at our friend’s home in Tunis, the capital...

A Taste of India

February 1, 2009

Beef, mutton, rabbit, if you wish, Lobsters, or prawns, or any kind of fish, Are fit to make a CURRY. ‘Tis, when done, A dish...

Cuisines of Our Cultures

December 1, 2005

Holiday Traditions Bring Their Mixed Blessings to the Table It’s a crazy mixed-up world, or so it seems in this year just drawing to a close. Earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, record heat waves, you name it, this year has witnessed it.