Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs – Natural Nutrition to Prevent Heart Attacks

March 6, 2018

Cholesterol lowering statin drugs are a $26 billion a year industry in North America. The commitment by mainstream doctors to these drugs, in fact, is so powerful that many physicians themselves take statins, even though their cholesterol levels may be normal.

Cultivating Joyful Resiliency ~ In Your Soul Garden

February 19, 2018

Have you noticed an unusual intensity surrounding you these days? Do you feel more anxious, overwhelmed, and tired a lot of the time? Do you...

SAVE YOUR SIGHT: Before It’s Gone

February 1, 2018

All the Best Nutrients for Macular Degeneration We are in the midst of an epidemic of age-related blindness known as macular degeneration (AMD). Globally, it...

NEWS BRIEFS: Type 2 Diabetes Reversed; Diet Improves MS Symptoms; Tea for Glaucoma

February 1, 2018

ALMONDS REDUCE BAD CHOLESTEROL LEVELS Researchers have found that eating nearly one-third of a cup of almonds a day, either alone or combined with almost...

ESSENTIAL OILS: Create a Clean, Healthy Home Without Chemicals

February 1, 2018

The world of essential oils is a big and popular one, having grown in leaps and bounds as people around the world source out natural...


February 1, 2018

Kimchi for Cold and ’Flu; Oyster Mushroom Stew for Cancer Prevention; Broccoli Soup to Heal Inflamed Digestive Tract Editor’s note: The following is a collection...

CHAGA AND CANCER: Research and Folklore Medicine

February 1, 2018

“He could not imagine any greater joy than to go away into the woods for months on end, to break off this chaga, crumble it,...


February 1, 2018

How Depression, Anger, and Grief Are Linked to Blockages in the Meridians Depression is a very broad subject, and it involves the entire human body,...

THE JOY OF GINGER: Eastern Spice Brings Hot Medicine to Western Kitchens

February 1, 2018

When I was a kid my favourite cookies were grandma’s homemade gingersnaps which grandpa and I couldn’t resist dunking in our afternoon tea. Other than...

HEALTH NEWS: Vitamins Reduce Risk of ASD; Zinc Inhibits Cancer; Cholesterol Drugs Boost Diabetes Risk

December 1, 2017

MULTIVITAMIN USE DURING PREGNANCY LINKED TO REDUCED RISK OF AUTISM A new study has found that taking multivitamins during early pregnancy may reduce the risk...

THE MAGIC OF VITAMIN C: How It Heals a Variety of Health Problems

December 1, 2017

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)...

SWEET DREAMS: My Top Ten Remedies for Insomnia

December 1, 2017

Winter is here, and with it comes seasonal setbacks that can cause problems with sleep.  Can’t fall asleep? Or, is it that you wake up...

Community News – Jan’17/Feb’18

December 1, 2017

OPEN HOUSE AT HAPPY NUTRITION ON JANUARY 20 – Need help with choosing supplements and foods that are right for your entire family? Visit Happy Nutrition....

If You Refuse The ’Flu Shot

November 1, 2017

My Top Five Cold and ’Flu Prevention and Treatment Remedies Ask any conventional doctor about the coming cold and ’flu season, and he or she will...

Antibiotics: Lifesavers or Killer Drugs?

October 1, 2017

Cipro, Levaquin, Floxin, and more – Side Effects Worse Than the Condition They’re Prescribed For “There is plenty of evidence that fluoroquinolones damage mitochondria, increase ROS (reactive...


October 1, 2017

My Favourite Supplements and Strategies Include Acidophilus, Milk Thistle, Enzymes, and Parasite Cleansing Hippocrates, the Greek physician who is considered the ‘father of modern medicine’ (460 –...

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