Foods for Summertime

Cool and Easy Summertime Dining

June 1, 2016

With One-Bowl Supper SaladsMy grandma used to say that the best way to cool the body down and beat the summer heat was to toss up a light, bright refreshing salad.

Easy Summer Cooking with Fruit and Berries on the Grill

May 28, 2015

Summer is the season for lighter fare and nothing says light and bright better than a colourful array of grilled fruits. They can be the...

Go Raw this Summer: Beat the Heat with These Cool and Delicious Vegan Meals

June 1, 2013

My philosophy on food is rooted in natural plant-based nutrition – so it’s only natural that raw foods are a very big part of my...

Favourite Summer Strategies for Weight Loss and Disease Prevention

June 1, 2012

Environment Canada is forecasting a hotter than normal summer this year, a prediction that is welcome news for some. But for others, the heat and...

Tastes of Summer: A Guide to the Season’s Berry Bonanza

June 1, 2011

 Tiny, brilliant orbs of pure health, berries are the jewels of the fruit world. Not only are these gems beautiful in colour – they range...

Super Summer Smoothies: Beat the Heat With High Octane Cool Fuel

July 1, 2010

Do you find in the summer that you just don’t feel up to eating big meals? Consider making a cool smoothie instead and supply your...

Summer Dining Mediterranean-Style

June 1, 2010

Fresh, Delicious, and Drenched in Olive Oil It does my heart good to know that I’ve been serving my family Mediterranean-style meals long before I...

The Big Taste of Bay: Add Pungent Kick to Your Autumn Dishes

September 1, 2009

With its sweet, slightly pungent balsamic aroma and spikes of nutmeg and camphor, the beauty of cooking with bay is that it releases its flavour...

Healthy Summer Gourmet: Stalking Ontario’s Local and Seasonal Cuisines

June 1, 2009

There are few things as exciting to a foodie as the start of the outdoor farmers’ market season. It’s the promise of warm weather, tasty...

Freshen Up Your Summer Menu with Berries

July 1, 2007

I heard a news report recently stating that the main concern of Canadians at this time is to maintain good health. Proper nutrition is certainly...