Food as Medicine

How to Survive Western Medicine

March 1, 2017

Top 20 Supplements That Repair the Damage Caused by Nutrient-Depleting Medications Before you read the rest of this article, know that the use of prescribed...

Nutritional Medicine to Protect Against Heart Attack & Stroke

February 1, 2016

Cardiovascular events (heart attack and stroke) are highly preventable, and yet they constitute the most common cause of death. So it follows that the ultimate...

Sleep Apnea – Holistic Approaches

February 1, 2016

In 2014, my partner and I decided to live together after three years of exhausting, yet rewarding, long distance travel between Ottawa and Hamilton. We...

Nutrition for Elders

November 2, 2015

Foods, Supplements, and Strategies to Reduce Pain, Nourish the Body, Sharpen the Mind Senior citizens account for the largest growing segment of the population in...

Balance Your Hormones with Cures from the Kitchen

November 2, 2015

Did you know that there is a link between hormone imbalance, inflammation, and weight gain? Considering that we tend to put most of our weight on between November and February,

The Evolution of Nutrition

September 3, 2015

Nutrition has come a long way, over many years, to the point where it is finally starting to get the attention it deserves in terms...


November 15, 2013


Emotional Healing with Bach Flower Remedies

June 1, 2013

We are all aware of the stresses of our daily lives and how they can cause both psychological and physical damage within our bodies, occasionally...

Eating for the Season: Traditional Chinese Nutrition Therapy for Springtime Renewal

April 1, 2013

After a long winter, Canadians eagerly wait for spring to make its entrance. Excited for the change of season, we begin to feel a shift...

Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally: Prevention and Treatment of Hypoglycemia, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, and Diabetes

April 1, 2013

There are many chronic health issues that can result from our tendency to overindulge – whether in too much of the same thing or in...

WINTER MEALS THAT HEAL: Fight Inflammation With Delicious Recipes

November 1, 2012

Ten years ago, I had terrible inflammation in my digestive tract caused by food poisoning. It caused such damage to the lining of my gut...

REVERSING CHRONIC INFLAMMATION: Reduce Your Risk of Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, and More

November 1, 2012

Inflammation is a normal, natural, and complex series of chemical and cellular activities performed by the body in response to injury or abnormal stimulation caused...

B VITAMINS: The Blues Busters

March 1, 2012

While herbal medicine has received considerable attention in regards to its important role in alleviating mood disorders and depression, few people realize that a single...

Ode to Onions: The Healthy Golden Bulb that Fires Up Winter Cuisine

February 1, 2012

Oh, they do make me cry! But onions are loaded with so much goodness, the tears I shed upon peeling them are tears of joy....

Foods that Heal Skin Disease

November 1, 2011

“What should I eat?” That is the question I am asked most often by skin patients in my Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. They ask it...

Plant Sterols – Super Nutrients from Nature

November 1, 2011

How these simple molecules can help you fight inflammation, stress and cancer Plant sterols have been in the news lately, after studies showed that they...

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