Conscious Living

Behold the Beloved II

February 1, 2007

No one understood the concept of the “Beloved” better than Rumi, the ecstatic Sufi mystic and poet.  Embracing the Beloved is not just following the...

Learn to Live with Passion

December 1, 2006

In every person there dwells an incredible force called passion. For many it is experienced occasionally in small bursts of energy. For others it is...

Behold the Beloved

November 1, 2006

There is a wondrous rapture that I feel, A bliss and ecstasy that has become so real. So much electricity, I can hardly contain, Who...

Inner Peace:­ A Precious Commodity

September 1, 2006

Inner peace and serenity is a commodity that is priceless and cannot be bought. Even two of the richest philanthropists in the world, Bill Gates...

Becoming a Modern Mystic

February 1, 2006

Our spiritual growth never stops but rather as we continue to evolve we become exposed to the higher and more refined energies of the Sacred...

Getting What You Want

December 1, 2005

Much continues to be written today about prosperity, manifesting, and our deserving to have whatever we want. The sentiment is bang on; we do deserve...

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