Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs – Natural Nutrition to Prevent Heart Attacks

March 6, 2018

Cholesterol lowering statin drugs are a $26 billion a year industry in North America. The commitment by mainstream doctors to these drugs, in fact, is so powerful that many physicians themselves take statins, even though their cholesterol levels may be normal.

Top 10 Nutrients for Healing High Blood Pressure

March 1, 2014

Best Supplements That Remove Plaque and Open Arteries (Adapted from the book Read This If You Have a Heart; 2013, by Dr. Elie Klein ND)...


December 1, 2013

Supplements and Diet are Safer, More Effective than Drugs for Reducing Cholesterol Statins for everyone? If media are to be believed, and if the drug...

Homeopathic Medicine To Restore Healthy Cholesterol Levels

February 1, 2009

If you’re like most people, you believe that avoiding saturated fats and keeping your blood cholesterol level low is the key to combating heart disease....

Hawthorn Herbal Ally for the Heart and Mind

May 1, 2008

Now that spring is in full swing, I am blown away by the incredible diversity of plant life that grows all around us. I remember...